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1 comment for "OPPO A3 TEST POINT"

  1. i think this board is for PADM00, do you guys know the Test point for Oppo A3 cph1837?... i tried using the above test point for CPH1837, but there's no response.

    furthermore, regarding the board for cph1837, it was all the same with the above picture, i mean the layout.. is there any where to check for possible additional test point?......

    procedure i took to unlock cph1837 oppo A3 was:

    1. i scratch out the leather covering the Test point and there's a shiny gold point as exactly on the above pic.
    2. solder jumper to it, yet no solid contact, so i use super glue.
    3. the glue holds it perfectly,
    4. insert the board back , connect the jumper to GND and insert the usb,
    5. the phone vibrates, and there was charging sign showing.

    what did i did wrong?.....