Hydra Main Module v0.0.1 First Release

Hydra Main Module [26.11.2019] LG & Samsung - First Relase
  • [Added] - Write Firmware lz4 and tar without extract
  • [Added] - Factory Reset by Download Mode
  • [Added] - Factory Reset by Modem Port
  • [Added] - Reset FRP Download Mode New and Old Method
  • [Added] - Reset FRP UART eMMC Chips
  • [Added] - Reset FRP UART UFS Chips
  • [Added] - Write Certificate by UART Qualcomm and Exynos
  • [Added] - Write Defaule Encrypt File System (EFS)
  • [Added] - Partition Information Table (PIT)
  • [Added] - Read System Info by Modem and Download Mode
  • [Added] - Enable One Boot Option for Samsung Download Mode
  • [Added] - PIT Table
  • [Added] - Enable Diag ADB + Root
  • [Added] - Write Firmware KDZ by Download Mode
  • [Added] - Repair IMEI IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 by Diag Mode
  • [Added] - Repair IMEI IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 by Modem Port
  • [Added] - Direct Unlock by Diag Mode
  • [Added] - Read System Info by Download and Modem Mode
  • [Added] - Reset All Locks Download Mode and Modem Mode
  • [Added] - Reset FRP Download Mode 2 Method
  • [Added] - Factory Reset Download and Modem mode
  • [Added] - Security Options Read Write and Wipe
  • [Added] - Partition Table Manager Read, Write and Erase
  • [Added] - Write Firmware by Fastboot Mode
Its our first relase, if you find any bug please report us for fix
For active Main Module run HumTool and Click to Activeate/Update Modules :

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Hydra Main Module v0.0.1 GDrive
Hydra Main Module v0.0.1 GDrive
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