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Nokia Online Update Tool v6.1.2

Online Service Tool (or OST) is the official software which is used to flash stock firmware on Nokia smartphones. The software is used by the FIH factory and Nokia Mobile Care to revert the phones to factory software in case of any issues.
OST requires stock firmware in the .nb0 format. That said, you can also flash an unpacked nb0 using OST LA if the .mfl file is correctly formatted. All required drivers are included with OST.
Official version of OST requires an account with a valid username and password to flash the phones. Only the authorized PC (using MAC address) can login to the account and service the smartphones. This is set to prevent unauthorized use of the software. The OST 6.0.4 shared in this post is a patched version which can be used without a login. Newer versions of OST exist, but they cannot be patched (yet).

Download Nokia OST LA 6.1.2

There are 2 versions of OST available for download. First comes the patched version of OST LA wherein most of the functionality is enabled. The other is the full original build and can only be used to flash phones, without access to any other options.
Supported devices: All Nokia Android smartphones released to date. This includes: Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 3.1, Nokia 5, Nokia 5.1, Nokia 6, Nokia 6.1, Nokia X6 (Nokia 6.1 plus), Nokia 7, Nokia 7 plus, Nokia 8, Nokia 8 Sirocco.
OST can flash Nokia phones if the bootloader is already unlocked. (Tip: How to unlock bootloader?). For locked bootloaders, only the Care Center with a login can do flashing.

Download of OST

Nokia OST 6.1.2 + Patch
How to Install: Download the 7zip file from the above link. Then use 7zip, WiRar or any other program to extract the files to a folder. Finally run setup.bat.
OST LA will be installed to: C:\Program Files (x86)\OST LA . Double-click on OnlineUpdateTool.exe to start the program.

Nokia Online Service Tool OST. This tool is the only tool which can be used to flash Nokia Firmware. You can flash any Nokia firmware using OST tool. If you are looking to flash Nokia Firmware, then you need this tool to flash. Earlier this tool cannot be used by any Customer End PC. Because this tool used to work only with the Authorized Nokia Service Partners registered PC. Now the good news is that even the consumer can use this tool without any issue.
Yes! You heard me right! Now we have got the OST tool working from all the PC by using the patched OST tool. Thanks to Quixote78 for patching the OST tool and the instructions to install the firmware. Full Credits to him for his hard work.
If you have bricked your device then this guide will be very helpful to unbrick it. If you have installed root or installed any custom OS, then this guide will help you to revert back to stock ROM. This way you can claim the warranty in case if something goes wrong.

How to use Nokia OST to install firmware on your Nokia device.

1. Download the root rom.nb0 that you need to load
2. Download, extract and install the software OST LA v6.1.2
3. Download and extract the file Patch
4. Go to the directory Patch, copy the file OnlineUpdateTool.exe and overwrite the file OnlineUpdateTool.exe in the directory C: \ Program Files (x86) \ OST LA -> then delete the file OnlineUpdateTool.exe.config 

5. Double click on Run OnlineUpdateTool.exe in the directory to run OST LA
6. If you Patch successful then the software will not ask for login information and password
. Run then point the path to the directory does not rom file. nb0.
8. Transfer your Nokia device to the download mode (press and hold the volume down button and the power button simultaneously until the phone vibrates and the ” Download Mode” appears on your phone’s display ) -> connect your phone to computer via USB cable.
9. Once you have entered Download mode, the Edit Phone Information button will appear. Select this button and wait for the error message to appear (something like boot failure notification to FTM mode). Do not worry, press OK and the Next button will appear, you click this button to start the process of loading the rom, after the download is complete, the phone will restart.

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