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SFT Dongle Setup V2.0.02

SFT Dongle Version 2.0.02
Release 11-11-2019
  • ADD : Auto load tab ufs and emmc in tab qualcomm
  • ADD : Auto Listing drive UFS (LUN 0 .. 5) in tab Qualcoom
  • ADD : Support Write UFS in Qualcoomm
  • ADD : Debug XML for Log detail Qualcomm
  • ADD : External Auth xiaomi for those who have their own account
  • ADD : Set Factory Mode in identify device qualcomm for read / erase device
  • ADD : Use SFT on the help tab in the settings menu
  • ADD : Revised Support downlod
  • ADD : Factory Reset Meta mode by USB in tab Misc-Mediatek-vivo [Support vivo new version Y91 ,V15 etc]
  • ADD : Factory Reset Meta mode by USB in tab Misc-Mediatek-Oppo [Support Oppo A5s]
- EMMC [ Support by EIP tool universal ]
  • ADD : Auto List partition from File Raw [userdata only ]
  • ADD : Read ,Write ,Erase emmc from list partition
  • ADD : Reading info device from emmc only
  • ADD : Info build prop from emmc only
  • ADD : Wipe data / Bypass Security with direct eiptool
  • ADD : Erase FRP with direct eiptool only
  • ADD : Pinout emmc
- UNLOCK By Server []
- Coming soon

  • FIX: write sparse in qualcomm
  • FIX: support download not listing
Notes :
server xiaomi for new version now tab disable because there are problme in our account

SFT Dongle Setup V2.0.02
SFT Dongle Setup V2.0.02
Need C++ Installed

password : sahabatsft

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