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Uni-Android Tool [UAT] FRP Module v12.01

Uni-Android Tool [UAT] FRP MODULE 12.01 [06.11.19] Huawei, Zte & More
UAT FRP MODULE - Version : 12.01

Release Notes:
[Added] Following Huawei Models for EDL FRP Reset
  • Huawei TRT-A1 (Y7 Prime)
  • Huawei TRT-L01 (Y7 Prime)
  • Huawei TRT-L02 (Y7 Prime)
  • Huawei TRT-L03 (Y7 Prime)
  • Huawei TRT-L22 (Y7 Prime)
  • Huawei TRT-L23 (Y7 Prime)
  • Huawei LDN-L03 (Y7 2018)
  • Huawei LDN-L29 (Y7 2018)
  • Huawei DUB-LX1 (Y7 2019)
  • Huawei DUB-LX2 (Y7 2019)
  • Huawei DUB-LX3 (Y7 2019)
  • Huawei LDN-L21 (Y7 Prime 2018)
[Added] Following ZTE Models for Sideload FRP Reset
  • ZTE Z233VL
  • ZTE Z353VL
  • ZTE Z557BL
  • ZTE Z558VL
  • ZTE Z610DL
  • ZTE Z716BL
  • ZTE Z717VL
  • ZTE Z719DL
  • ZTE Z798BL
  • ZTE Z799VL
  • ZTE Z818L
  • ZTE Z819L
  • ZTE Z836BL
  • ZTE Z837VL
  • ZTE Z861BL
  • ZTE Z862VL
  • ZTE Z899VL
  • ZTE Z916BL
  • ZTE Z917VL
  • ZTE Z936L
  • ZTE Z955L
  • ZTE Z962BL
  • ZTE Z963VL
  • ZTE Z986DL
[Added] Following ZTE Models for EDL FRP Reset
  • ZTE Softbank Kids (701ZT)
  • ZTE Blade A4 (A0722)
  • ZTE Axon 7 (A2017A)
  • ZTE Axon 9 Pro (A2019GPro)
  • ZTE Anakin
  • ZTE Blade (A321)
  • ZTE Spro 2 (MF97B)
  • ZTE QLink (N818S)
  • ZTE Warp Sync (N9515)
  • ZTE Orange Neva jet
  • ZTE Nubia Z7 Max (NX505J)
  • ZTE Orange Neva 80
  • ZTE V72M
  • ZTE V890
  • ZTE Vodafone VFD 51X
  • ZTE Vodafone VFD 82X
  • ZTE WF723
  • ZTE Connect 4 (WF723S)
  • ZTE Axon M LTE-A (Z-01K)
  • ZTE Cymbal (Z2301/Z230)
  • ZTE Blade T2 (559DL)
  • ZTE Prelude 2 (Z669)
  • ZTE Jasper LTE (Z718TL)
  • ZTE Sonata 2 (Z755)
  • ZTE Grand X Cricket (Z777)
  • ZTE Grand X Max (Z787)
  • ZTE Fanfare (Z792)
  • ZTE Grand X Plus (Z826)
  • ZTE Compel (Z830)
  • ZTE Verizon (Z839V)
  • ZTE Zmax Grand LTE (Z916BL)
  • ZTE Grand X (Z933)
  • Zmax 3 (Z968)
  • ZTE Zmax Pro (Z891)
  • ZTE Z998
  • ZTE Quest Plus (Z3001S)
  • ZTE Optus X Spirit 2 (Z50310)
  • ZTE Mamorino4 (ZTF32)
  • ZTE Quartz (ZW10)
  • ZTE Amazing A30
[Added] Other Models For EDL FRP Reset
  • ASUS X01BD (Zenfone Max M2 ZB633KL)
  • QMobile Q Infinity
  • TP-LINK Neffos Y5L TP801A
  • TP-LINK Neffos TP-804A
  • Wiko View 2 Plus

WARNING : IMEI Changing is illegal in Most of Countries. IMEI Repair is Intended to Repair IMEI to its Original IMEI Written in Phone Back .
We are not responsible for any Problem caused by mis-using this Function. User will be Sole Responsible for any illegal Activity done by using this Function.
No Box , No Dongle , No Tension of any Hardware Damage or any Driver Installations.
No need of waiting for any Shipping or any Stock availability, Just Download ,get Register and buy Activation.

Uni-Android Tool [UAT] FRP Module v12.01 GDrive
Uni-Android Tool [UAT] FRP Module v12.01 
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