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Hydra SpreadTrum Tool v1.0.1.50 Update Release

Hydra SpreadTrum Tool v1.0.1.50 [10.12.2019] - Spreadrum Rocket
Relase Notes :
  • [Added] - Backup NVM in Service Tool (Flashmode and DiagMode)
  • [Added] - Firmware Backup (Universal Approach) in Service Tool
  • [Added] - Flashing Backup Using Hydra Ini
  • [Added] - Partition Manager (Need to select CPU to list partitions)
  • [Added] - Repair IMEI via Diag and Flash Mode
  • [Added] - Autobackup NVM Upon boot
  • [Added] - Storage Selection
  • [Added] - DiagMode Switch New and Old
  • [Improved] - OneBoot Selection, You can also directly boot upon execution of any operation.
  • [Improved] - SPRD Protocol Functions(Flashmode and DiagMode)
  • [Improved] - Port Communication, USB direct VID/PID will be enabled in nextupdate
  • [Improved] - Flashing performance
  • [Improved] - ADB and Fastboot protocol
  • [Improved] - Artificial Intelligence (Self Support Engine) -->>>>>>>>
  • [Improved] - Reading Buildprop Info for new CPU...
  • [Fixed] - somebugs reported by users
Added Following Models For Flash Mode Operations :
  • Intex Aqua Pro
  • Intex Aqua Raze 2
  • Intex Aqua 4G Mini
  • Intex Aqua Eco 4G
  • Intex Cloud 4G Smart

  • Lyf LS-4001 (Flame 3)
  • Lyf LS-4002 (Flame 5)
  • Lyf LS-4005 (Flame 6)
  • Lyf LS-4006 (Flame 7)

  • Archos Alba 5
  • Lava X46

** Hydra Tool Offical Web Page **
You can see supported models, help documents, download setup at our offical web page7

HYDRA Tool - Powerful Advanced Complete

Best Regards | Hydra Team

Hydra SpreadTrum Tool v1.0.1.50 GDrive
Hydra SpreadTrum Tool v1.0.1.50 GDrive
Hydra SpreadTrum Tool v1.0.1.50 Mediafire

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