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Sony 601SO Xperia XZ Firmware

There are many official ways how to update firmware on your Sony (Ericsson) XPERIA Smartphone. You can use PC Companion or Sony Update Service on Windows computers or you can use Sony Bridge for Mac on Apple computers. But sometimes it is better to use unofficial way - you can get latest firmware as it's released for your country etc. Androxyde Flashtool is the best PC utility, which allows you to install new firmware, decrypt firmware files from Sony or relock bootloader on your phone. And it's available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

 Androxyde Flashtool is very powerfull software, which allows you to make many advanced things with your phone

You can then use FlashTool to flash this FTF to your handset. Check out our previous guide on this – the principle is the same, just use your FTF file, instead of the one provided in the guide.

601SO_39.2.D.0.354_R13C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 601SO Lock Remove File)
601SO_39.2.D.0.354_R13C_SoftBankJP.ftf (Rom Sony 601SO ftf file)
601SO_39.2.D.0.361_R14C_RemoveLock.ftf (Sony 601SO Lock Remove File)
601SO_39.2.D.0.361_R14C_SoftBank_JP.ftf (Firmware Sony 601SO ftf file)

  • This process will NOT void your warranty!
  • Almost all the languages are included in EVERY firmware.
    Anyway if you need a rare language, try a firmware from your region or from the country closest to you.
  • FTF files can be installed with both locked & unlocked bootloaders.
  • No root needed.
  • This process will NOT unlock your device: if your bootloader is still locked, it will remain locked.
  • This process will NOT re-lock your device: if your bootloader is already unlocked, it will remain unlocked.
  • With this process you won't lose your DRM keys, so don't worry about it 
  • This process will delete all your user data (all apps installed, your google account ...and so on).
    If you don't want to lose your data, you can unckeck "DATA" within the wipe box just before installing, but remember:
    -a full wipe is always recommended
    -a full wipe is MANDATORY when you move from an android version to another (e.g. from 4.4.4 to 5.0 or vice versa)
  • This process will delete your internal memory. So, be careful and make a backup to an external memory!
  • This process will NOT delete anything inside your SD card.

Don't be overly confident! If you've got important files in your phone (like pictures, documents, videos...) which you can't absolutely lose, make a copy and keep it in a safe place before any change!

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