Djawir Key 2020 Version

DJAWIR KEY ™ support for Flashing Type Blackberry, Nokia X Series, Asus and MTK Smartphones. Makes it easy for our android flashing work.

Djawir Key 2020 Version
=== Fast and Simple Operation adopted ===

ADB and Fastboot
  • Android FRP Tool, auto mode without select type (ADB / Fastboot) * NEW *
  • Xiaomi Fastboot Flashing
ASUS Flash Engine Upgraded
  • Asus package raw decompressor (test) * NEW *
  • Asus new superpack (decompress is much more effective, fast and light, (upload process) * NEW *
  • MiCloud rework v2 - Supports all Mi Devices (Qualcomm eMMC / UFS). No longer select the type of Mi device, simply file programmer that is supported * NEW *
  • FRP all Qualcomm devices with supported program files * NEW *
Qualcomm Flashing improved
  • New Implemetation, flashing style [stepping] UFS per LUN # and eMMC in the process of each partition (Faster) * NEW *
  • FW Read Qualcomm with supported programmers (eMMC and UFS) * NEW *
  • Custom Read / Write / Erase Partition * NEW *
  1. convert disk image to Qualcomm factory format: userarea image file with EFI marker *
  2. If the detected file is a disk image file, then djawirKey will perform an automatic conversion to flash-able factory file format (create rawprogram0.xml and its files)
Qualcomm advance Repair base on official tools
(Need QPST installed on computer)
  • Qualcomm NV Read / Write * NEW *
  • Qualcomm IMEI restore * NEW *
  • Qualcomm NVM reset * NEW *
UFS Supported
  • Qualcomm UFS provisioning (Hynix, Toshiba, Samsung)
! ️ MTK Function Under Construction!

Download DjawirKey-X on the DX Cloud, download DX Cloud from the Support Forum