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EMT v2.08.00 Beta Released

EMT v2.08.00 Beta Released
Added Xiaomi QCOM Flasher & Android a/b sys supported!
Created time: 2020/02/05

Added Xiaomi Module (Firehose Protocol) Flash Function, Supported Skip Security and Skip Userdata Partition while flashing!
Added Android a/b system and /system/system/ supported of each module!

General Module:
  • > ADD: Android a/b system and /system/system/ supported of each module
  • > ADD: Display "Memory Type" and "Sector Size" for Qualcomm firehose protocol of each module
  • > ADD: Display "Security patch" and "Encryption type" while read infomation of each module
  1. - Security Patch: Display patch level (Security patch)
  2. - Encryption Type: Display device enryption type (block is FDE, file is FBE)
  • > FIX: The "Flash" tab move to the back of the "Service" Tab
  • > FIX: Optimize the ui of "Flash" tab of each module
Xiaomi Module:
  • > ADD: Flash function of Xiaomi module (Firehose protocol), supported skip security and skip userdata while flashing
  1. - Skip Security: Skip NVM partitions while flashing, prevent imei losing problem caused by write nvm partitions
  2. - Skip Userdata: Skip Userdata partition, prevent userdata losing problem caused by write userdata partitions
  • > FIX: Optimized Xiaomi Disable/Enable Screenlock function of Xiaomi module
Qualcomm Module:
  • > FIX: Changed "OTHER" to "CUSTOM" for loader list of Qualcomm module
  • > FIX: Changed the loader filter rule as "*firehose*.mbn;*firehose*.elf" of Qualcomm module
* The flash process of Xiaomi module (Firehose protocol):
  • 1).Select ROMs directory
  • 2).Press "Write"
  • 3).Enter Qualcomm EDL/9008 mode connect USB Cable (install drivers)
  • 4).Waiting for the operation to complete

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