HW Tool V7 Released (Powerful for Huawei)

HW TOOL V7 Released - Powerful for Huawei !!!
Post by .::ARD::. » Mon Feb 10, 2020 10:37 am

HW TOOL V7 Released !!!

What is news :
this software working with huawei phone flash & bypass frp and huawei id
support emui 10 system and this time

support huawei phone 9.1 9.0 8.2 8.0 downgrade
support huawei phone qualcomm hisi mtk cpu mobile phone or PDA

even last huawei phone mate30 mate30 pro
mate 20 5G mate30 5G mate 30 5G
huawei P30 P30PRO V20....
they are working in it!!!

is a power full for huawei phone,
" because no one have but we have !!"

Note :
This update need activation about 80usd
Unlimited using and can use more then 1 PC

Where can buy ?....

Here you are , go to mrtokey official website at below
Distributor and Reseller

HW Tool V7 Released
HW Tool V7 Released Minnor 1
HW Tool V7 Released Minnor 2
HW Tool V7 Released Minnor 3
HW Tool V7 Released Mediafire