Meizu M2 (M88) Reburning Guide

Document Number: MZ-KF-GY-20150824002

M88 Re-burning Guide
(Version: V1.0)

Prepared By: ZhongZhifeng
Reviewed By: ____________  
Approved By: ____________  

Issued On: August 24, 2015        Implemented On: August 24, 2015

M88 Re-Burning Guide
I. Preparations
  1. PC, USB cable, engineering firmware, mainboard
  2. Download the following files from the M81C directory on the network disk:
  • Mainboard binding replacement
  • After-sales burning tool
  • Mainboard encryption tool
  • Engineering firmware
  1. Connect the VPN.

II. Burning Process

III Binding the New Mainboard with the Old Mainboard
1. Open the platform, type the old mainboard PSN and press Enter, and then type the new mainboard PSN and press Enter.

2. After the "PASS" is displayed, the binding is successful.

IV. Re-burning Process
1. Install the Burning Tool.
After the burning tool is downloaded from the network disk, decompress the burning tool and double-click the SN Writer V1.1 Setup. Click Next until the installation is complete.

After the tool is installed, double-click the tool and select M88.Please do not select M88C.

2. Enter the configuration interface of the SN Writer.

3. Enter the M88( oversea version ) configuration interface according to your need.

4. Configure the configuration files.
For the MD1_DB of the M88, select the Modem_Database_lwg file in the Z160_factory_sofware folder; for the AP_DB, select the AP_Database file in the Z160_factory_sofware folder. Then, select the corresponding color of the mobile phone and click Save.

5. Click Run. Enter the IMEI, SN, or PSN. Click OK.

6. Start the burning

A. Read the data in the database.

B. When the system prompts to insert the mobile phone in 6s, insert the data cable (do not press the volume button) in the power-off mode. Then, the mobile phone automatically enters the META mode.

C. The burning is successful.

V. Encryption
1. Open the encryption tool MultiEfuse V7.0 (For M88).

2. Click Scan in the lower right corner. When the mobile phone is off, press the volume- button until two ports are identified. Then, remove the data cable.

3. Click Start following the progress bar. After the buffering is complete, press the volume- button when the mobile phone is powered off. Insert the USB cable. The progress bar starts to move. The encryption is successful when the "Efuse ok" is displayed. (The encryption can be completed in 10s.)

VI. Flashing the Flyme Firmware (Referring to the M85 Flashing guide).

VII. Meizu M2 (M88) Reburning Guide Download