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Octoplus Huawei Installer v1.1.5

Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.5 is out!
Octoplus Huawei Tool v.1.1.5 Release Notes:
Added Read Info, Read Bootloader, Factory Data Reset, Reset Huawei ID, Repair Product Name, Repair MEID, Repair BT, Repair WIFI, Repair SN, Repair BSN, Repair Vendor, Repair Country, Repair Sim Mode, Reset FRP via Fastboot, Reset FRP via TP, Write Board Firmware via EDL mode, Write Update Firmware via Fastboot (Android 8) for the following devices:
  • ARE-AL00, ARE-AL10, ARE-LX2, ARE-L22HN, ARE-L32, ARE-TL00
  • ARS-AL00, ARS-AL10, ARS-L22, ARS-TL00
Added Read Info, Reset FRP (MTK Loader), Read Backup, Write Backup for:
  • BG2-W09
Note: Backup for BG2-W09 was uploaded into Support Area!

Dongle or Activation are already available for purchase from GsmServer Store. Ask your local dealers!

Support Download
Octoplus Huawei Installer v1.1.5
Octoplus Huawei Installer v1.1.5 GDrive


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