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UFST Version Update Released

for UFST and UFS Turbo Only.
UFST Version Update Released
  • More than 8200 Predefined Models of Popular Major Brands in [Var] Tab.
  • Never mix Files from older version with current, any changes will not work,
  • We check MD5 to be sure all is Ok, against possible virus or patches.
  • Always track .exe, .rs and Boot files together in pack as in the instalation.
  • Do not spread our Boot files, them are partially crypted and will not work.
  • Have new Search Clck place [Click to Search] it works in Selected Vendor Tab.
  • Added Support of V2 ADB Protocol (Issues with 'device not authenticated')
  • Mi Account Disabler [Mi Account] Button.
  • WinUsb Protocol Fixed.
  • Added External Signature Support (.sig files) used by Oppo and some other.
  • Added Detection of Tampered Files by 3rd party tools.
  • Added [nCHKS] Option, Untick it if need Download Checksum Verification.
  • Added New SoC's MT6768, MT6779, MT6785, MT8765, MT8788.
  • Added Factory Defaults (Format) via META Interface [Factory Def.] Button.
  • Added Attestation Key Install [Install At.Key] Button (Google Key, KeyBox, KB)
  • Attempt Write to DL Protected Partitions will not cause Fatal Error & Shutdown.
  • MIPS Modem based models META Protocol Fixed (MT6739, MT6761, MT6763, ...)
  • Enter META from BROM Boot Mode (Pid 0003) Fixed, DAA Secured need Auth file,
  • Can be Switched Off with [Preloader Boot] Option in [Flashing] Tab.
  • Introduced QM215, SM6125(SDM665), SM6150(SDM675), SM7150(SDM730),
  • SM7250(SDM765), SM8150(SDM855) SoC's.
  • Automatic PIT Extraction and Use from CSC, COMBINATION or ALL images, if
  • [Re-Partition] Option is ticked (not need manually select PIT File)
  • To Prevent errors using COMBINATION or Region change Files always use
  • [Re-Partition] Option !!!
  • SPRD(Unisoc):
  • Added Factory Defaults (Format) via CAL Interface [Factory Def.] button.
  • Added SC7731E, SC9820E, SC9832E, SC9850K(A), SC9853I, SC9863A Support.
  • Added many Predefined FDL files to make Quick FRP and Format (in [Var] TAB)
  • Warning: Some New Soc's (SC9863A) after Wrong FDL's can Stuck in Boot ROM
  • and will not Respond to any Keys or USB, to Reset need reconnect Battery.
[Extract Img.]
  • Added One Plus OPS Files Extraction.
  • Improved Huawei APP Extraction.
  • Improved Oppo OFP and OZIP (MTK and Qualcomm) Extraction.
  • (New Versions Support Added, Bugs Fixed, OPS OS10 is supported now)
Added / Modified Models (Is Delta against Previous Releaes):

  • Buzz 1, Buzz 1 Lite, Buzz 1 Plus, Clever 1, Urban 1, Urban 1 Pro
  • A3-A40, A3-A50, B1-790, B1-860, B1-870, B1-7A0, B3-A40, B3-A50, C01
  • 5502 (S6 Plus), I4U (S40 LTE), I5C Duo, I5C Lite, I5D (S5E Fingerprint),
  • I5G, I7U (i Lite), I55D (S6), S5E (Full View), S5E NXT, X7 Pro
  • A8, X1, X2
  • Atom, Heat 3, Hot 2, Hot2 Pro, Hot 2X, Infinity, Madrid, Mix 2, Rio,
  • Rio S, Rio X, S1, S1 X, S5500, U1
  • 3088X, 4051S (Go Flip V), 4052(Go Flip 3), 5001 (1V 2019), 5003 (1C 2019),
  • 5009 (1C), 5018D, 5024 (1S 2019), 5124J (L10), 5039 (3L 2019), 5053 (3 2019),
  • 5059S (1X VZW), 8088 (3T 10)
  • C2, C5, FreerX9, iPlay8, iPlay8 Pro, iPlay10, iPlay10 Pro, M5, M5L, M5S, M5XS,
  • M8, Power M3, U63PLUSC, X, X1
  • A10 Lite, A10 Plus, E4, E4 Lite, P4 Pro, P41 eMagic, P6 Energy Lite, P8 Life
  • 70 Copper, 70 Oxygen, 70 Platinum, 70 Xenon, 70B Xenon, 70C Xenon, 80C Xenon,
  • 101 Access, 101 Helium, 101 Xenon, 101 Xenon Lite, 101B Oxygen, 101C Platinum,
  • Access 45 4G, Access 57 4G, Access 101 3G, Core 50 4G, Core 55 4G,
  • Benefit S402, S403, S404, S451, S452, S453, S501, S502 Plus, M9, Note 1,
  • Wizard 1, Brown 1, Elf E1, Elf S8, Hercls A15, Hercls L925, Phantom 1
  • A40, A42, Jazz
  • A001D-ZB634KL(ZenFone Max Plus/Shot M2), A006-V520KL(ZenFone V),
  • I001D-ZS660KL(ROG Phone 2), I01WD-ZS630KL(ZenFone 6), P008-Z581KL(ZenPad3 8),
  • P00I-Z500KL(ZenPad 3S 10), X00AD_2-ZB500KL(ZenFone Go),
  • X00P-ZB556KL(ZenFone Max M1), X01AD-ZB632KL/ZB633KL(ZenFone Max M2),
  • X01BD-ZB630KL/ZB631KL(ZenFone Max Pro M2)
  • BMM431D, BMM441D, BMM442D, BMM443D, BMM531A, BMM533D, BMM541A, BMM541D,
  • BMM541S, BMM542D, BMM542S, BMM543D
  • A60, A60 Pro, A80 Pro, BV5500, BV5500 Pro, BV5900, BV6100, BV9100,
  • BV9500 Plus, BV9600, BV9700 Pro, BV9800, BV9800 Pro, Max1, S6
  • A0010WW(Advance A5), A0031WW(Advance A5 Plus), A190P(Advance A6),
  • A350A(Advance L4), A390(Advance L5), C0000UU(C5), C0030(C6L), C0050(C5L),
  • C012EQ(C5), C012EQ(C5), C014(C5), C031P(C6), C050(C4), C070(C4 2019),
  • C090EQ(C6 2019), C090P (C6X), G0050(Grand M2), G0070WW(Grand M3), G0090(G5),
  • G0130WW(G9), G0170(G8), G0190 (G5 Plus), G0210 (G6), G210Q (Grand 5.5 HD II),
  • G0230WW (G9 Pro), P0050WW (Pure View), G029Q (Grand M2 2018), J0000LL (J7),
  • M030P (M6), N0030WW (Bold N1), S0470WW (Studio Mega LTE), S0480LL(S5),
  • S532(Studio X8 HD), S812P(Studio View), S850U(Studio M4 +), S870Q(Studio G4),
  • S910Q(Studio Mega), U851, V0210WW(Vivo XL3 Plus), V0260WW(Vivo One),
  • V0270WW(Vivo One), V0310WW(Vivo XI+), V0330WW(Vivo XI), V0350WW(Vivo XL4),
  • V0370WW(Vivo One Plus 2019), V0390WW(Vivo Go), V0410UU(V5)
  • AX684, AX686, AX820, AX821, AX823, AX905, AX1015, AX1035, AX1065E, AX1074
  • 1022L, 1056L, 1057L, 1077L, 1081G, 1082G, 1083G, 1084L, 1085L, 4001G, 4072,
  • 4077, 4500, 4501G, 4526, 4583, 4800, 5001L, 5002G, 5003L, 5004G, 5008L,
  • 5010G, 5011G, 5012L, 5015L, 5020, 5033, 5035, 5059, 5071, 5082, 5201, 5202,
  • 5204, 5209L, 5211, 5300G, 5301, 5302G, 5500L, 5504, 5508L, 5512L, 5514G,
  • 5514L, 5518G, 5519G, 5517L, 5519L, 5520L, 5521, 5521L, 5525, 5528L, 5530L,
  • 5535L, 5540L, 5594, 5700L, 5730L, 5731L, 5732L, 6000L, 6001L, 6010G, 6015L,
  • 6016L, 6022G, 6035L, 6040L, 6050, 6200L, 7000G, 7006G, 7036L, 7038G, 7040G,
  • 7064G, 7081, 7098G, 8041L, 8067L, 8068L
  • A501, A503, A504, A506, A509, A510, A511, A512, A551, A553, A554, N1-550,
  • N1-570
  • Spira B1 10.1, B2 5, B3 5.5, B3 8, B4 5.5, B5.5 Power, D2 5.5, D5, D5.5
  • CamPad P6, CamPad P7, Hero H5, H5+, H6, H7, H7+, H8, H9, H11, H12, H13,
  • Hero SE2, Hero SE3 Max, Hero SX, Hero X, Hero XR+, Honey Y1, Max 7, Mega 8,
  • Mega 9, Mega 10, S2, S8, SE, Venso V5
  • Via A2, Via A3, Via A3 Plus, Via G1, Via G1 Plus, Via M4, Via S17
  • S30, S40, S41, S61
  • Elite, Infine, Senwa, Senwa2, Speed, Unite
  • Desire R8, Flare HD4, Flare J2, Flare J2 2018, Flare S7 Prime
  • Hi9, Hi9 Air, Hi9 Plus, Hi9 Pro
  • Next Infinity
  • A3s, A4s
  • SP532(Griffe T8), SP623(Plume L2), SP624(Plume L1 Plus), SP625(Plume L3),
  • SP626(Allure M3 Lite), SP627(Allure M3), SP630(Griffe T5), SP631(Griffe T6),
  • SP632(Griffe T7), SP637(Plume L3 Plus), SP638(Plume L3 Smart),
  • SP647(Griffe T9 Plus), SP648(Griffe T9), TB717L, TB802L
  • S6, S8, S9, S10, S11
  • 1801-T0(N3M), 1803-I0(Mega 5C), 1804-I0(Mega 5M N2M), 1812-A0(K2 Max),
  • 1821-I0(Mega 5A), 1821-T0(N3D), 1822-C0(N3C), 1825(Cool3),
  • 1831-A0(Cool Play 7C), 1873-A0(Cool Play 8), 3636A, 8298-M02, 8737,
  • ART-T0(N2D), COR-I0(Note 6),GRA-A0(Play 6C), MTS-T0(N2M)
  • IVVI: CK2-01, CK3-01, E91S, F1, F1S, F2C, F2S, F2-T, F3C, i3-01, i3P-02,
  • K5, SK1-01, SK1-02, SK2-01, SK3-01, SK5, SS1-01, V1M, V2, V3, V3-T
  • Hafury A7, Hafury Note 10, Hafury Umax, J3 Pro, J5, J7, KingKong Mini, Manito,
  • Max 2, P30, Quest, Quest Lite, R15, R15 Pro, R19, S550 Pro, X19, X19S, X20 Pro
  • A140, A150, A240, A350, AL140, AL240, B245, B260, B355, B340, B650, BL150,
  • BL155, BS155, E110, E170, E180, E210, G253, G255, G355, G550, GL355, GS150,
  • GS153, GS155, H110, H170, H210, H270, L110, L170, L180, L210, L270, L370i,
  • M110, M210, N110, N169, N170, N180, N180i, N210, N280, N280i, N310, N370,
  • N380i, N410, N570, P110, P210, P280, P310, P380, P380i, P410, P510, R110,
  • S110, S169, S170, S180, S190, S270, S270i, S280, S290, S370, S380, S470,
  • S570, S770, VA110, VA210, Y5, Z355, Z455
  • D100, Luxuary Plus, Luxuary X, Premium Plus, R2, R4 Plus, Turbo B2
  • Citi, Hit, Linx, Optima, Plane, Platina, Vox
  • N10, N20, N100, S40, S68 Pro, S90, X90, X100, Y7, Y7 Plus, Y8, Y8 Plus, Y8C
  • P3, P3 Pro, P4, P5, P5 Pro P5C
  • A5, A6 Max, A6 Mini, P11, U
  • E500, E500S, E520, H240S, H500S, H550S, P490, P490S, P550S, P600S, S500, S500E
  • Colors, Max, Max2, Max3+, Max4000, Neo2, Neo Lite, Pro3, Pro4G, Pro HD
  • A74N, A74R, M40A, M50, M50 Pro, M50 Star Plus, M53, M55, M55B, M55 Pro,
  • M70, R5C, R45, S45 Plus, S45A, S45B, S55A, S55B, U6 Prime, U6A, U6B, U50,
  • U50A Max, U70A
  • M1, P1, V1, V1 Max, V4, V4 Nano, V4 Plus, V6, V8, V9 Plus
  • Onyx 1S, Onyx 3+LTE, Onyx 3S, Onyx Note LTE
  • S310, S552, S755
  • Aurii Delight, Aurii Razor, Aurii Secret X, Aurii Vivid, Metal Grand
  • 5S, Life Ace, Life Compact 4G, Life Jet, Life Play, Life Sky, Slimline,
  • View Max
  • A1, Amigo, G1, G9000, Note
  • GS53, GS55, GS57, GS80, GS100, GS160, GS170, GS180, GS Koala, GS Robin
  • F6L, F9, F9 Plus, F10, S9L, S10BL, S10L, S11 Lite, SW17W08
  • GM8, GM8D, GM8 Go, GM8 *,GM9 Go, GM9 * GM9 Pro
  • C7, C7 Note, C7 Note Mini, K1, S1, U1, U7, U7 Mini, U9, Fenmmy Note
  • Alpha A1, Alpha A3 Lite
  • Max 3, Power Five Max 2
  • H50, M20, M20i, M20s, M21, M21i, M21s, M22s, M23i, M25i, Y10, Y10i, Y11,
  • Y11s, Y12, Pure 3S
  • A6, E77 Mini, F32, T965, U605, U964
  • C2, C8, H1, H10, P30 Pro, Zoji Z11, Zoji Z33
  • Desire 12
  • AGS-XXX(Agassi), AMN-LXX(Amman), ARE-XXX(Ares), ATU-XXX(Atomu), AUM-XXX(Atomu),
  • BAH-XXX(Bach), BKK-XXX(Bangkok), CAN-XXX(Cannes), CPN-XXX(Chopin),
  • DIG-XXX(Diego), DUB-XXX(Dubai), JAT-XXX(Jakarta),KOB-XXX(Kobe),
  • KSA-XXX(Katyusha), LDN-XXX(London), LND-XXX(London), MLA-XXX(Milan),
  • MRD-XXX(Madrid), SLA-XXX(Selina), TOR-Ax(Toronto), TRT-XXX(Toronto)
  • Koral 7, Koral 7M3, Koral 7M4, Koral 7XL, Koral 10XL, Koral 10XL Plus,
  • Maestro HDT7427G(H), Maestro HDT7427G(H) Plus, Ultra Shine
  • Slide 4GE Mania, Slide Dazzle i7, Slide Elan 4G2 Plus, Slide Gorgeo 4GL
  • X5516C (Smart 3), X610B (Note 6), X620 (Zero 6 Pro), X620B (Zero 6),
  • X624/B (Hot 7), X625B/C/D (Hot 7 Pro), X626/B (S4), X627V/W (Smart 3 Plus),
  • X650 (Hot 8 Lite), X650B/C/D (Hot 8), X652/A (S5), X652B/C (S5 Lite),
  • X653/C (Smart 4), X655F (Hot 9 Pro), X660 (S5 Pro)
  • IF9002 (Turbo 5s), IF9003 (Snap 4), IF9029 (Vision 3 Pro)
  • A10, A20, A30, C40i, C40i+, C40L, C50i, C50L, i1, i3, i4, i55, iX, K1, K2,
  • K3, K21i, K22i, K40i, K45i, K50i, K55i, K410i, K410i+, T1, T2, T4, U1, U2,
  • Y2, Y3, Z55i, Z55L
  • D1, S1, Silk, X
  • 1 Lite, 2, 2 2019, 2 Lite, 2 Lite 2019, 3, 3 Lite, 3 Power, 5 Lite, 5 Pro,
  • 5C, 5i, 5i Pro, 5X, 5X Lite, 6, 6 Lite, 6i, 6i Lite, 7 Lite, 7i, 7i Lite, 8
  • Elyt Dual, IM0318ND(Indie5), IM0418ND(Indie15), IP0218ND(Staari10),
  • IP0418ND(Infie77), IP0518ND (Infie33), IV0118ND(Lions6), IV0318ND(Infie3)
  • I950i (Pro 8S), Kylin 5.0S, Kylin 5.5, Kylin 50i, Phonenix 50S
  • SP402, SP493, SP494, SP541, SP542, SP554, TZ150, TZ151, TZ165, TZ170, TZ178,
  • TZ179, TZ183, TZ195, TZ197, TZ198, TZ198e, TZ712, TZ714, TZ716, TZ717, TZ720,
  • TZ720n, TZ721, TZ721e, TZ725e, TZ727, TZ737, TZ742, TZ747, TZ752, TZ753,
  • TZ754, TZ757, TZ762, TZ771, TZ772, TZ777, TZ777e, TZ781, TZ794, TZ797, TZ855,
  • TZ856, TZ856e, TZ858, TZ872, TZ874, TZ877, TZ878, TZ890, TZ891, TZ892, TZ897,
  • TZ963, TZ964, TZ965, TZ967, TZ968, TZ969
  • IS2 Plus, IS2S, IS3 Plus, IS6, IS6 Plus, Next E, Next G, Next P, Next P Plus,
  • Next P Pro, Next U, Vox 4S, Vox 5S, Vox Alpha, Vox Energy, Vox Fortis,
  • Vox Prop F1, Vox Prop Plus, Vox Prop Pro, Vox Steel, Vox Steel Plus
  • A14, A14S, A15R, A16, A16 Plus, A23, A43, A44 Air, A44 Power, A45 Air, A52,
  • A52 Lite, A52B, A52S Lite, L5002(A25), L5502(A44 Air), L5503(A46), L5503L(A46),
  • L5507/P(A45 Air), L6002P(S15 Pro), L6003P(A55 LTE), L6005(Vision1(P36 Play)),
  • P13, P13 Plus, S11 Pro, S11XB, W4003(A14 Max), W5001P(A33), W5003(S32 Mini),
  • W5008(Alpha Lite), W5503(Alpha), W5504(P33), W5005(P15), W5005P(P15),
  • W6001(P13 Plus), W6002(S15), W6003(A55 3G)
  • iV104, iV505, iV Smart4G, V5
  • A450, A500, Basco L451, Basco M500, Fresh, Fresh4G, Goal Plus, Hit, Hit4G,
  • Iron, Joy, JoyPro, L500, Neon, Optim4G, Pass, Pass3G, PassPlus, PicassoNote,
  • Start, StartLTE, Storm, Touch4G, WinPro
  • H8, H802, K2, K7
  • A1 Indian, A9 Indian, A40 Indian, A40 Indian+, A41 Power, A45 Indian, Aura1,
  • Aura6 Turbo, Aura Champ, Aura Note Play, Aura Power 4G, Aura Sleek Plus,
  • Indian 9, K9 Smart Eco, K9 Smart Grand, K9 Smart Plus, Platinum P9 2018,
  • Platinum P9 Pro, Vue 1, Yuva 2
  • 610, D6, F2, L2, L3, R2, R6, U17
  • Dubai, Glam, Glow, Monaco, New York
  • L530, M1, M3, M5, M7, M9, X220, X230, X530
  • Iris 31, Iris 42, Iris 45, Iris 45C, Iris 50C, Iris 51, Iris 52, Iris 61,
  • R3 Note, R5, T70, T101, Z40, Z41, Z51, Z52 Pro, Z53, Z71, Z82, Z93
  • Elite 8, M10, M12, M13, Power 2 Pro, S11, T5c, XRoverC, Z9, Z10
  • 801LV (Tab 5 SoftBank), L19041 (A6 Note L608), L38041 (K5 Pro),
  • L38111 (Z6 Lite/Youth/K10 Note), L39051(K10 Plus), L58091(S5 Pro GT),
  • L78051(Z6 Pro), L78071(Z5s), L78121(Z6), L79041(Z6 Pro 5G), PB-6505 (Tab V7),
  • TB-7104 (Tab E7), TB-7305 (Tab M7), TB-8505 ((Smart)Tab M8),
  • TB-8604F (Tab4 8 REL), TB-8705 (Tab M8 FHD), TB-X104 (Tab E10),
  • TB-X504 (Tab4 10 REL), TB-X505 (Tab M10 HD), TB-X605 (Tab M10 FHD),
  • TB-X606F (Tab M10 FHD Plus), TB-X705 (Tab P10), YT-X705 (Yoga Smart Tab)

  • Le Starter, Le Up, L-Egant, L-Ement, L-Ite, M-Bot, Power Bot, VR Bot
  • P1, W2, W2S, W5, W7, W7 Plus, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W15, W21
  • Jio F41T, Jio F61F, Jio F81E, Jio F101K, Jio F210Q, Jio F211S, Jio F221S,
  • Jio F250Y, Jio F271i, Jio LF2403S
  • Jio Default Firehoses Updated to RB1 (Anti RollBack 1)
  • Juno Q3, Juno Q5, Juno Q5 Plus, Juno Q7, Juno S5, Juno S6, LT52, N1, N3, N6,
  • N506, N515, N520, N525, N526, N560, N600, N660s, N668, Tab7, Tab10
  • M9500, MS457, MS457 Plus, MS514, RS401
  • Aura 55, Aura 66 Pro, Aura A77, Aura A88, D1, D7, F3 Plus, Max3, Max5, Max6,
  • Max8, Noir X, P1, P2, P6, P7, P7 Plus, Vjoy
  • Astro 5s, Astro X55, Gravity 5, Gravity 5.5, Nitro 55, Nitro 55M, Nitro 5M
  • L5013, M6, M7, M-Note, S7202, X3, X5, X6, X7
  • SmartPad 8, PhonePad Duo 3G, PhonePad Duo LTE
  • 16s, 16s Pro, C9, C9 Pro, E3, M1, M2, M1E, M3, M3S, M5, M5S, M5 Note, M6,
  • M6T, MX5, Note9, Pro7+, U10, U20, X8
  • F1, F3, i7 Plus, M1, N1, N5, N10, Power 1, Power 2, Pure 1, Pure 2, Pure 3,
  • R11, Top V30
  • C2A, N8205 iOne, N8216 Infinity N11, N8301 Infinity N12, Q409A Spark Go,
  • Q454, Q4002 Bharat 4 Diwali
  • A16, A17, A19, A21, A31, A35, A37, A39, A62, A67, A69, A82, A91, S1, T8,
  • T85, Y1
  • Power 1, Pure 1
  • C1 Shine, Prime X Plus, X1 Notch
  • Astro, Hype, R4, R6, R6 Plus, R9 Lite, R9 Plus, Tango, Tango Lite, Trendy 2,
  • Ultra, V1, V2, V2 LTE, V4, Vega LTE, X4
  • XT1952(G7 Play Channel), XT1955(G7 Power Ocean), XT1962(G7 River),
  • XT1965(G7 Plus Lake), XT1980(Z4 Foles), XT2000(Razr Olson), XT2005(E6 Surfna),
  • XT2010(One Zoom Parker), XT2019(G8 Plus Doha), XT2025(E6 Plus Pokerp),
  • XT2027(One Hyper Def), XT2029(E6 Play Bali), XT2041(G8 Power), XT2043(G8)
  • Sahara (FRP, Unbrick) Added for: XT1767(Sperry), XT177x(Owens), XT1921(James),
  • XT1922(Jeter), XT1924(Hannah), XT1965(Lake), XT1980(Foles), XT2000(Olson),
  • XT2005(Surfna), XT2010(Parker), XT2019(Doha), XT2027(Def), XT2041(G8 Power)
  • Ace 4G, Ace Pro 4G, Ace 5, Ace 7, Ace 9, Ace 11, Eros 3G, Eros 4G, Eros Plus,
  • Eros Power, Eros Smart, Eros Star, Foto 3, Tez 4G, Turbo 4G
  • My36, MyA13, MyA16, MyNX1, MyX2, R51, R52, R7
  • C5, C5 Max, C5A, C5L, C5S, C7, C7 Lite, C7A, C7S, C9, C9 Max, C9A, C9S, N1,
  • P1, X1, X1 Lite, X1 Max, X9, X20, X20 Pro, Y5, Y7, Y50, Y5L, Y5S
  • H2, H3se, H4se, H6, H8, H8se, H9, H10, H10le, Hummer, N2, N3, N5, Next SE,
  • Primo 3G, Primo 4G, Sprint 4G
  • 8110 4G (TA-1048, TA-1059, TA-1067, TA-1071),
  • 1 Plus ANT (TA-1111, TA-1123, TA-1127, TA-1130),
  • 2V EVW Verizon (TA-1136), 3.1 Plus RHD Cricket (TA-1124),
  • 2.2 WSP (TA-1179, TA-1183, TA-1184, TA-1188, TA-1191),
  • 2.3 IRM (TA-1194, TA-1206, TA-1209, TA-1211, TA-1214),
  • 3.1A EAG (TA-1140) ATT, 3.1C EAG (TA-1141) Cricket,
  • 3.2 DPL (TA-1154, TA-1156, TA-1159, TA-1161, TA-1164),
  • 4.2 PAN (TA-1133, TA-1149, TA-1150, TA-1152, TA-1157),
  • 8.1 PNX (TA-1119, TA-1121, TA-1128),
  • 9 PureView AOP (TA-1082, TA-1087, TA-1094),
  • X71 TAS (TA-1167, TA-1172)
  • 3 Mini, 6, Corsa, i451, i504, i506, i507, i508, i550, i4500, i5001, i5010,
  • i5011, i5012, i5013, i5014, i5030, i5031, i5032, i5050, i5070, i5071, i5510,
  • i5511, i5530, i5710, i5730, i6030, Libra, Ultra
  • M6, M6S, M8, S10, S10 Pro, S20, S30, S30 Mini, S50 Pro, T18
  • A1, A3, A3L, A4L, F9B, G1, G3, G4, M2, M3, N4L, N5L, Q500, R1, X4, X5, Z8
  • A1, B1, Blink, Click, Glam, Go X, Kin, Lux, Rex, Rex Pro, Seven
  • Apex1, Apex 2, Apex 3, P1, P2, P3, P4, P5, X1, X2, X3, X4, X5
  • C1, Pop One, Pop II, Pop III, Prince P9, X1, X1 Pro, X-music II,
  • X-music II Pro, X-music III, X-music S
  • 7 Guacamoleb, 7 Pro Guacamole, 7T Hotdogb, 7T Pro Hotdog
  • C10, C12, C12 Pro, C13 Pro, C15 Pro, C16 Pro, C17 Pro, K7 Power, K8, K9,
  • K12, U23, U25 Pro, WP1, WP2
  • PVG100 (Palm Phone Pepito), PVG100E (Vodafone Palm Phone Pepito)
  • Eluga Ray 800, Eluga X1 (Pro), Eluga Z1 (Pro), P110
  • S561
  • P8, P10, P60, P9000 Max
  • PMT1177, PMT1196, PMT3096, PMT3151, PMT3161, PMT3157, PMT3171, PMT3196,
  • PMT3257, PMT3317, PMT3327, PMT3418, PMT3427, PMT3428, PMT3518, PMT3528,
  • PMT3537, PMT3618, PMT3628, PMT3637, PMT3708, PMT5518, PMT5718, PMT7788,
  • PSP3406, PSP3416, PSP3495, PSP3513, PSP3514, PSP3515, PSP3534, PSP5513,
  • PSP5518, PSP5524, PSP7546, PSP7590, PSP7610
  • Fire, i5i 2019, i6 Metal 2018, i7i Pro, i8i 2019, i9i Pro, LT100, LT200,
  • LT360, LT900, LT950, M6, QNote, S2 Pro, Smart, Vita, X36, XLi
  • Pearl, Power, You+, RevoPad MM781, Zoom
  • A908, A909, M6, M7, M8, V9, X5, X7 Mini, X7 Plus
  • S5021, S402314, S451720, S455120, S503328, S503630, S504730, S505024
  • SM-G6200 (A6s) in [Var] Tab
  • A109, A150, C155, T100, T250, T300
  • IF9007-AG3 (Pi), FS8014 (Aquos R1), SH-A01 (B10), SH-Z01 (Aquos C10)
  • 4.5LT, Elite 5.0L+, 5.0T, 6.0L+, A55, Photo Pro, Platinum 5.7, A4, A5, A57,
  • B5, C4, M4, M5
  • Pro 2S, R1, U3, U3 Pro, U3 Pro SE
  • L50, L50E, L51, L52+, L51 Pro, L52 Pro, L52F, L53, L53 Pro, L53S, L54, L55,
  • L56, L60, L60 Pro, L60 Pro HY, L60 Turbo, L62, L70, S5, S9, S11, S12, S16,
  • S19, X1, X2, X3, X6, X7, Z2, Z6
  • C Note, C Note Pro, Diamond X, Future, I Star Plus, I Star Two, London,
  • Madrid, My Star X, Rio Star, Rome ST, Rome X, Safari, Star Mini, Star Mix,
  • Star One, Star Plus, Star Plus+, Star Pro, Star Two, Umi G
  • Knight Luxe/Vision/X, Play Boost/Click/Club/Dash/Five/Lite/Neo/Plus,
  • Sky Turbo, UP Groove, UP HD, UP Max, UP Mini, UP Neo, UP Prime, UP Selfie,
  • UP Sense, UP Ultra, UP Vision, UP Xtreme
  • M457, M477, M510, M511, M555, M556, M557, M572, M573, M575, M578, M579, M615,
  • M620, M630, M650, M707, M920, P450, P750, P770, P771, P780, P790, P850
  • ALLin, B1S, B2 Mini, B2 Plus, B2S, B3 Maxi, B3 Pro, B3 Simply, Shark
  • E90, E95, Helio S5, Helio S60, i15, i18, i65, i68, i72, i97, R40, V34, V48,
  • V94, V97, V98, V99, V125, V128, V141, V142, V145, V150, V155, Z15, Z20
  • TA-1, TA-2, TA-2 Pro, TA-3, TA-4, TA-40
  • 98, A10H, A10S, A10 Plus, M16, M20, M30, M89, M89 Pro, P10HD, P10S, P80 4G,
  • P80H, P80X, P80 Pro, P89H, P98 3G, T8, T10, T20, T30, T98 4G, X10
  • AB7 (Phantom 9), B1, B1S (Pop 2), B1F (Pop 2F), B2 (Pop 2 Pro),
  • BA2 (Pop 2 Plus), BB2 (Pop 3), BB4 (Pop 3 Plus), BB4K (Spark 4 Lite),
  • CB7, CB7J (Camon i4), CC6 (Camon 12 Air), CC7 (Camon 12), CC9 (Camon 12 Pro),
  • CD7 (Camon 15), CD8 (Camon 15 Pro), F3 Pro (Pop 1 Pro), ID5 (Camon i2),
  • KB2 (Camon iAce 2), KB2H (Pop 2s), KB2J (Camon iAce 2X), KB3 (Camon iSky 3),
  • KB7/J (Spark 3), KB8 (Spark 3 Pro), KC1, KC1H (Spark Go), KC1J (Spark 4 Air),
  • KC2 (Spark 4), KC2J (Spark 4), KC3 (Camon 12 Air), KC8 (Spark 4),
  • LB6 (Pouvoir 2 Air), LB7 (Pouvoir 3), LB8, LB8A (Pouvoir 3 Plus), LC6,
  • LC6A (Pouvoir 3 Air), RA7 (R7 4G/F2 LTE), RB6S (Pop 2X Air), RB7S (Pop 2X),
  • S1S Pro, SA1S Pro, SA2S (Pop 2 Mini), SA3 (S3), Y3+
  • Note: Some Tecno models have separated Names for BROM and PRELOADER Boot !
  • SP3.1 Lite, SP3.2 Lite, SP3.3 Lite, SP6.1, SP6.2 Lite, SP9.1, SP9.1 Lite
  • TM5073, TM5075, TM5076, TM5077, TM5081, TM5083, TM5084, TM5583, TM5584,
  • TM5702, TM5703
  • Armor 3, Armor 3T, Armor 3W, Armor 3WT, Armor 5S, Armor 6, Armor 6E, Armor 6S,
  • Armor X2, Armor X3, Armor X5, Armor X5, Armor X6, Note 7, Note 7P, P6000 Plus,
  • Power 3L, Power 6, S1 Pro, S10 Pro, S11, T2
  • A3 Pro, A3S, A3X, A5 Pro, F1, F1 Play, One Max, Power, Power 3, S3 Pro, X
  • Ellipsis 8 HD(Quanta QTASUN1)
  • M7, M8 Pro
  • Aero, Aqua, Astra, Baccara, Bear, Blade, Click, Eclipse, Energy, Flash,
  • Forest, Frost, Funk, Game, Indigo, Luck4G NFC, Mars, Phonic, Pluto, Reef,
  • Rosso, Spring, Stone, Sunset NFC, Tiger, Vira, Wolf, Zeon3G, Zeon4G,
  • Tab 3G 7-1, Tab 4G 8-1, Tab 4G 10-1
  • S4513, S5029, SL5008, SL5028, SL5029, T7445
  • Venus 4.5, 5V, 5X, 5.5V, 5.5X, 5000, 5030, E2, E2 Plus, E3, GO, V3, V4, V5,
  • V6, V7, Z10, Z20, Z30, Z40
  • 1806(V11/V11i), 1810(X23), 1814(Y91), 1815(Y93), 1816(Y91i), 1818(V15 Pro),
  • 1820(Y91c), 1901(Y12/Y15), 1902(Y17), V11, V11i, V1831A(S1), X21i, Y75A,
  • Y81i, Z3i
  • A1, F6, Light Mini, Light One, P2, W6, X1, X2, X5, X6
  • A10 Y, A13, A13 Y, A15, A16 Y, R11S, S39
  • VFD510, VFD511, VFD512,VFD513 (Smart E8), VFD630 (Smart N10),
  • VFD730 (Smart V10), VFD820 (Smart X9)
  • D9, E9, E10, EF8, EF9, EM2, F8s, F9, G8i, GF7, GH7i, H7s, H8, H8 Pro,
  • H8 Turbo, NF4, NH4, R5, R5 Plus, R6 Max, RX6, S6 Dual, S6 Infinity, S7, X5
  • A3, A10, A50, E2, F1, F10, F20, R2, R4, S1, V3, V4
  • K101(Sunny 3 Mini), K120(Sunny 3), K130(Y50/Sunny 4), P210(View 2 Plus),
  • P220(View2 Go), P311(View3), U300, V600(Tommy3 Plus/Harry2), V800(View3 Lite)
  • Enia, Zoom
  • A90, D19, D22, D25, D27, D30, K20 Pro, Note 7, P11, P30, S11, S11 Plus, S14,
  • X6, X15, X15S, X17, X17 Pro, X22, X24, Y13, Y24
  • Redmi Go Tiare, Redmi Note 7 Lavender
  • Era 5X, ZX
  • H1, H2, H2 Pro, Netra, O1, O1 Lite, O2, O2 Pro, Vast Plus, Vast 2, U1, U2, Y1,
  • Y1 Ace, Y1 Pro, Y1 Star, Y2, Y2 Pro, Y3 Pro
  • Admire: Alpha, Blaze, Buzz, Curve, Curve Neo, Curve Plus, Dragon, Duo, Fab Q,
  • Fab Q Plus, Glam, Glory, Glory Plus, Glow, Infinity, Joy, Metal, Neo,
  • Neo Plus, Punch, Sense, Snap, Star, Strong, Swadesh, Swadesh Infinity,
  • Swadesh Plus, Sxy, Thrill, Thrill Plus, Unity, Cinemax: 1, 2, 2 Plus, 3, 4G,
  • Click, Force, Infinity, Prime, Desire, Desire Strong
  • All Models added.
  • 2050 (Blade 20 Smart), A7000 (Blade A7), A7010 (Blade A7s), Axon7 Max,
  • Axon7s A2018, Axon9 Pro A2019, Axon10 Pro A2020, Axon M Z999, Axon Max C2016,
  • BA510, BA520, BA601, BA602, BA602T, BA603, BA610C, BA610T, BA910,
  • Blade A0605(A6 Max), Blade A0622(A6 Lite), Blade A0622-CN(Small Fresh5),
  • Blade A0722(Blade A7 Vita), Blade A0722-CN(Blade A4), Blade A3 2019,
  • Blade A5 2019, Blade A5 2020, Balde A7 2019, Blade A7 2020, Blade A320,
  • Blade A321, Blade A330, Blade A462, Blade A512, Blade A520C, Blade A521,
  • Blade A522, Blade A530, Blade A531, Blade A606, Blade L8, Blade L130,
  • Blade S6 Flex, Blade V0800(V8), Blade V0840(V8C), Blade V0850(V8 Mini),
  • Blade V0920(Small Fresh 5S), Blade V9, Blade V10, Blade V10 Vita, BV0710,
  • BV0710T(V7 Max), BV0800(V8), BV0850(V8 Mini), BV0870(Blade A321),
  • K81(Grand X View 2), K88(Trek 2 HD), K92(Primetime), MO-01J(DCM Anakin),
  • MO-01K (DCM), N9130(Speed), N9131(Tempo), N9132(Prestige), N9136(Prestige 2),
  • N9137(Tempo X), N9515(Warp Sync), N9516(Imperial 2), N9517(Blade Force),
  • N9518(Warp Elite), N9519(Warp 7), N9521(Boost Max Plus), T84(Tought Max 2),
  • T920(Blade S7), V0840(Smart Fresh 5), V0840-JP(Blade V8Q), V0900(Blade V9),
  • V0920(Small Fresh 5S), V1000(Blade V10), V1050(Blade 20 Smart), V890, Z10,
  • Z557BL(Z Five G), Z559DL(Blade T2 Lite), Z610DL(Blade Max View), Z812(Maven),
  • Z813(Overture 2), Z815(Fanfare 2), Z826(Grand X+), Z828(Avid+), Z831(Maven 2),
  • Z832(Sonata 3), Z833(Avid Trio), Z835(Maven 3), Z836F(Z Five 2), Z839(Vantage),
  • Z851(Prelude+), Z851M(Overture3), Z852(Fanfare 3), Z855(Avid 4), Z955(Z Max 2),
  • Z956(Grand X4), Z957(Grand X4), Z958(Z Max2), Z963U(Imperial Max),
  • Z965 (Blade X), Z970(Z Max), Z971(Blade Spark), Z978(Blade V8 Pro),
  • Z981(Z Max Pro), Z982(Blade Z Max), Z982MX(Blade V Ultra), Z983(Blade X Max),
  • Z986U(Blade Max 3), Z3001S(Quest Plus), Z3051T(Blade A3 2019-T),
  • Z3351S(Quest 5), Z5031O(Optus X Spirit 2), Z3153V(Blade Vantage 2),
  • Z5151V(Visible R2), Z5155T(Blade A5 2019-T), Z6100T(Blade A7 2019-T),
  • Z6201V(Blade A7 Prime), Z6400C(Blade X2 Max), Z6410S(Blade Max 2s),
  • Z6530M(Blade 10), Z6530V(Blade 10 Prime), Z6621O(Optus X Vista),
  • NX606J(Nubia Z18), NX609J(Nubia Red Magic), NX616J(Nubia X), NX617J(Nubia N3),
  • NX619J(Nubia Red Magic Mars), NX907J(Nubia M2 Play)

ANDROID_UFS_1060.7z GDrive
ANDROID_UFS_1060.7z GDrive


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