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Qualcomm \ MTK \ Samsung Features, Improvements & Bugfixes

Qualcomm\MTK\Samsung – Features, Improvements & Bugfixes

New Features and Improvements:
  • Faster user interface
  • Better organised procedure names
  • Qualcomm EDL – Improved connection stability
  • Qualcomm EDL – Unified phone IDs
  • Qualcomm EDL – Now detecting programmers with authentication
  • Qualcomm EDL – Better support for old programmers (expired certificates)
  • Samsung Magisk – Improved ROOT in the SW update panel
  • MTK ROOT – Generic solution for temporary rooting MTK devices
  • Oppo EDL mode flash – ofp, ops files are now supported
  • Nb0 fileformat is now supported for EDL mode firmware flash
Bug Fixes:
  • Worklog related fixes
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when selecting an active device after closing an inactive one
  • Fixed some bugs that could cause crashes at start
  • Open file dialog bug fixes
  • Furious box related bug fixes
  • Improved EDL Communication/Connection
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