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Chimera Tool v24.92.2104 Update Released

29/05/2020 Chimera BiWeekly: New Qualcomm Loader Chooser & LG Fixes

Software version: 24.92.2104
Release date: 29 May 2020

Chimera Team keep up the hard work, here is our biweekly changelog and some other information.
New Features and Improvements :
  • LG-MTK: LG devices now handled by the LG module (instead of the Generic MTK)
  • LG: Better description for diag port use
  • Qualcomm: New Chooser Panel, now you can choose loaders from many
  • Samsung: Improved T-Mobile unlock for Exynos models
  • Generic: Various UI improvements for procedure dialogs
Bugfixes :
  • LG: Generic module bugfixes.
LG :
  • please check the supported models page for actualized procedures and model information related to the previous LG update. An updated model list is available.
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Chimera Tool v24.92.2104 Update Released
Chimera Tool v24.92.2104 Update Released

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