Advan Nasa 5202 Firmware

Advan Nasa is one of the latest local vendor products with a size of 5.1 inches QHD resolution, for the rear camera equipped with 5 megapixels and 2 megapixel front; For the processor itself, it's quad-core with a speed of 1.4 GHz with a combination of 2GB RAM and 16GB internal with a 2,450 mAh battery capacity, plus the Android 9 pie operating system, is it very interesting?

Because we are not discussing the specifications here as a whole, but rather to the programming or the software alone, to get this Advan Nasa firmware please download it below, there must be an empty space when flashing, because the flashing tool's working system automatically extracts the firmware and consumes quite a lot of your HDD space, estimated at around 4GB of extract file space.

For this tutorial how to flash Advan Nasa is not much different from the previous Advan, if previously most files with CPB extension with the mainstay tool QGDP, then for this type (possibly other types afterwards) use the DAT file extension with the ZHP_ASE_MDT flash tool, and how to it works the same as the QGDP tool.

How to flash the Advan Nasa DAT file with ZHP_ASE_MDT
  • First extract the downloaded material (firmware, flash tool and driver)
  • Open ASE_MDT in the ZHP_ASE_MDT folder and enter the DAT file
  • Make sure the file is entered and does not error, if an error, the possibility of HDD space is full, please empty first
  • Wait for the DAT file to load, it usually takes a while depending on our PC specs
  • If you have, the first step is SCAN PORT first to lure the USB to be detected, of course while pressing the boot button
  • If PORT has been detected, please unplug the USB and click START, then press the boot button again and plug in the USB, wait for the flashing process to finish.
  • Nb. If the phone turns on when it is plugged in, repeated a number of times, if there are no changes, please install the latest driver that has been packaged in the Advan Nasa firmware folder earlier.

Flashing Advan Nasa can eliminate patterns, bootloops, blanks due to incorrect firmware or full memory, and we recommend bringing it to the nearest technician because the technicians better understand what they need to do.

Thus the Advan Nasa Firmware article and Tutorial on How to Flash it, hopefully it is useful for all, and if there are obstacles or just 'say thanks, please scribble down on the comments below.