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Hydra Main Module v1.0.0.35 [25.07.2020]

Hydra MainTool v1.0.0.35 [25.07.2020] - eMMC ISP & Huawei

  • [Added] - Write Board firmware flashing (Fastboot)
  • [Added] - Write Update App Upgrade Protocol
  • [Added] - Various Fastboot OEM Commands
  • [Fixed] - Update APP File parsing morethan 4gig size
  • [Fixed] - Hisilicon(Kirin) USB1ToFastboot Loaders
  • [Fixed] - Huawei Account Remove
  • [Improved] - Software performance
Firmware Tool
  • [Fixed] - Extraction of Huawei App file (Fixed morethan 4gig Size)
  • [Fixed] - Asus Raw Extraction
This will only work in USERArea Operation Only....
Not repairing BOOT1,BOOT2
  • [Added] - eMMC Physical Drive Scanning
  • [Added] - Partition Manager
    • List Partition
    • Extract Partition
    • Erase/Wipe Partition
    • Write Selected Partition
  • [Added] - Factory Reset Protection - Remove (Wipe Method)
  • [Added] - Format userdata(Wipe Method)
  • [Added] - Ultra Power Option (FRP Remove + Format userdata)
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