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AQUA Dongle v3.4 A.I.O Module Update Released

AQUA Dongle V3.4 BIG Nokia Features Module & Qualcomm Update Release

Exclusive Update
Free Life Time
No Internet
No Credit
No Pack
No Activation
All Offline in One Platform
Aqua-Dongle is Portable to Any Pc , Any Time And Without Internet
Just Download Setup And Use Any PC

  • [Added] 20 New Variants in Auto Detection
  • Enabled Advanced Flasher option
  • Update Custom Read/Write/Erase
  • Update Erase Full Chip
  • Nokia Nb0 Files Extraction
  • Extract Full Package
  • Custom Extract any Single File without Full Unpack
  • [Added] Nokia Qualcomm EDL ADB Fastboot & Daig Features
    • Read Information
    • Read Pattren Lock
    • Remove/Reset FRP Lock
    • Remove Pattren/Pin/Pass Locks/VoiceLock
    • Restore Pattren/Pin/Pass Locks/VoiceLock
    • Factory Data Reset Deep
    • Factory Data Reset Safe
Security Features
  • Backup Security/ Restore Security/ Restore Security
  • Enable Daig
  • Repair Imei NV Method
  • Repair Imei EFS Method
  • Repair Imei New Security
  • Repair Imei QCN Method
  • Repair Meid Beta!!!
  • Repair Esn Beta!!!
  • Repair Wifi Beta!!!
  • Repair BT Beta!!!
  • Flash Full Firmware
  • Flash Custom Partition
  • Flash Any Single Partition
  • Advance Flasher
  • ListPartitons
  • Wipe Selected Partition
  • Read Full Firmware
  • Read Selected Partition
  • Write Selected Partition
  • Erase Full Flash
  • Reboot Bootloader/Fastboot/
  • Reboot Download
  • Reboot EDL
  • Reboot Fastboot to EDL
  • Reboot Fastboot to EDL Force Mode
  • Reboot Fastboot to Normal
  • Reboot Normal
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Turn Off
Nokia Support
  • [Nokia 2] Ta-1007
  • [Nokia 2] Ta-1011
  • [Nokia 2] Ta-1029
  • [Nokia 2] Ta-1035
  • [Nokia 2.1] Ta-1080
  • [Nokia 2.1] Ta-1084
  • [Nokia 2.1] Ta-1086
  • [Nokia 2.1] Ta-1092
  • [Nokia 2.1] Ta-1093
  • [Nokia 3.2] Ta-1156
  • [Nokia 5] Ta-1053
  • [Nokia 5] Ta-1024
  • [Nokia 5] Ta-1044
  • [Nokia 5] Ta-1027
  • [Nokia 6] Ta-1021
  • [Nokia 6] Ta-1033
  • [Nokia 6] Ta-1003
  • [Nokia 6] Ta-1025
  • [Nokia 6] Ta-1039
  • [Nokia 6] Ta-1000
  • [Nokia 6.1 Plus] Ta-1083
  • [Nokia 6.1 Plus] Ta-1116
  • [Nokia 8] Ta-1004
  • [Nokia 8] Ta-1012
  • [Nokia 8] Ta-1052

Lumia Features
  • Read Device Info (Download Mode
  • Wirte Firmware FFU
  • Factory Reset
  • Unpack FFU Package
  • Full Nvi Update
  • Write Product Code
Much More To Come...

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Only Buy AQUA Dongle From Our Official Distributer & Resaller
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What is Aqua-Dongle ?
Aqua-Dongle is Multi-Language Gsm Service Software with Promising future,Software is Designed to have Multi-Language Support
Added All Regular Model With Modules Like MTK, SPD, Qualcomm, eMMC ISP, OPPO, Vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi Redmi MI, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Blackberry, ZTE & Online Calculator Network Lock Code (Country Lock Code) by IMEI so users get full Control over and can be easily switched to multiple systems with unique version token system users can use it for lifetime.

Best Regard's
AQUA Dongle Team


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