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GSD Dongle Version Update Released

GSD Dongle Version Update Released (14/09/2020)
GSD Dongle Features

What's News?
❇ Samsung
➕ (added) Generate root image for android10 (system-as-root)
✔ Fix More bugs

❇ Xiaomi
➕ (added) Auto root android10 (system-as-root) with firmware (30 secounds)
➕ (added) root android10 (system-as-root) from server
➕ (added) (edl) Auto Firehose programmer from server
✔ (Fixed) (edl) Fix firmware flash in edl mode bugs
✔ (Fixed) (edl) Fix Dump partitions in edl mode
✔ (Fixed) (edl) Fix Erase partitions in edl mode
✔ (Fixed) More bug fixed

❇ Qualcomm
➕ (added) new cpu(check supported models in website)
➕ (added) support imei1 for repair with method1
✔ (fixed) fix imei repair bugs
✔ (fixed) (edl) Fix Edl mode flash
✔ (fixed) (edl) fix edl mode dump
✔ (fixed) (edl) fix edl mode erase

❇ Huawei
➕ (added) Auto root android10 (with update.app,img) (system-as-root)
✔ (fixed) (edl) fix firmware flash in edl mode
✔ (fixed) (edl) fix erase partitions in edl mode
✔ (fixed) (edl) fix dump partitions in edl mode
✔ (fixed) More bug fixed

Special thanks to the users who feedback.

♻ What is News?
Supported Models | Gsd Dongle


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