EMT v3.04.02 Update Released

EMT v3.04.02 Update Released, Added VIVO QCOM 865/765G/720G/712/665/460 New Solution

World First! Added VIVO Qualcomm 865/765G/720G/712/665/460 series models no auth new solution, Supported Factory Reset/Reset FRP/Reset ID! Faster and more stable!

No Auth New Solution, Faster and more stable!
World First! Following Models by USB Cable:
Factory Reset, Reset FRP, Reset ID
  • NEX 3S (PD1950)
  • IQOO 3 (PD1955)
  • IQOO 3S (PD1955)
  • IQOO NEO 3 (PD1981)
  • IQOO 5 (PD2024)
  • IQOO 5 PRO (PD2025)
  • X50 PRO+ (PD2011)
  • IQOO Z1X (PD2012)
  • IQOO U1 (PD2023)
  • S7_5G (PD2020)
  • X50E (PD1968F)
  • X50 (PD2001)
  • X50 PRO (PD2005)
  • V20 PRO (PD2020F)
  • V20 (PD2039F)
  • V20 SE (PD2038F)
  • V19 (PD1969F)
  • Z6 (PD1963)
  • Z5X (PD1990)
  • Y30 (PD2034)
  • Y20/Y20I/Y20S (PD2034)
  • Y11S (PD2042F)
  • IQOO U1X (PD2065)
  • Improved Vivo Qualcomm 865/765G/720G/712/665/460 solution.
  • Improved software compatibility issues of computer environment.
  • Fixed Known bugs

1.About new error prompts after enabled new software protection system.
Error Prompts: Detected Debugging Software...Please Uninstall "XXX" to continue...
Solution: go to the control panel, uninstall this software and then restart the computer.
Error Prompts: Detected Sniffer Driver...Please Uninstall "XXX" to continue...
Solution: go to driver directory (c:\windows\system32\drivers\), delete this file and then restart the computer.