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NCK Dongle / Pro QComm Module v0.12.8 Update Released

NCK Dongle / NCK Pro Dongle QComm Module v0.12.8 Update Released - 04/12/2020

What's New?
  • Added firehose loader check info.
  • Work only on loaders what expose info, some loaders not expose it.
  • Added possibility to remain in edl mode and perform multiple operations without disconnect and connect again phone.
  • Exe must remain opened and phone connected.
  • Disconnecting phone or closing exe, will need to perform connection again.
  • If need this mode, restart on finish checkbox must be unchecked.
  • Added additional reset function for supported phones.
  • Added possibility to select and erase partitions from list.
  • Button called partition manager.
  • Updated testpoint database with some new testpoints.
  • Added about 100 new loaders from different brands [Lenovo, ZTE, Vivo, Asus, Meizu so on] to internal database.
  • gui and exe fixes: like saving log format, phone detection improved etc...


Official website:

Official Download Link:

How to Download?
  1. Go to website link - downloads
  2. Download Main Module (if you don t have it already.
  3. Run NCK Main Module software
  4. Click settings tab.
  5. Click Download installers Link.

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