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Smart-Clip2 Software v1.39.05 Released

Smart-Clip2 Software v1.39.05 BIG UPDATE FOR HUAWEI P40 Series
Smart-Clip2 Software v1.39.05 Released

Dear User,
Smart-Clip2 Software 1.39.05 is out!

Thousands of hours of research, trials & failed tests, & our hard work has finally delivered the result!
We are proud to be the first to present a unique working service solution! Hurry to benefit from it!
  • Released Huawei ID remove feature for P40 Series :
    • Huawei P40 / ANA-N29 / ANA-AN00 / ANA-L04 / ANA-L24 / ANA-LX4 / ANA-TN00
    • Huawei P40 Pro Plus / ELS-AN00 / ELS-AN10 / ELS-TN00 / ELS-N39
    • Huawei P40 Pro / ELS-NX9 / ELS-N04 / ELS-N29
The "Remove Huawei ID for P40-series" manual for this group of smartphones differs from the general manual. See Help section for details.
  • The Counter Reset (daily limited count of Huawei authorizations on Sigma) feature is now available for Sigma with 3+4 Packs.


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