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Unlock Tool Setup v2020.12.08

Version   : 2020.12.08
Hash    : 56902533d9a881f7c53e09c7750f2ec1
Update On : Dec. 9, 2020, 4:48 p.m.

Change Log :
Change Log : UnlockTool_2020_12_09
  • Vivo Qualcomm Remove Pattern / Password Without Lose Data
    • Vivo Y11 (1906) ,Vivo Y50 (V1965A,V1965) ,Vivo X23 (PD1816A) ,Vivo U20 (PD1941F) , Vivo S1 Prime (PD1945GF) ,Vivo Y9S (PD1945) ,Vivo S1 PRO (PD1945F) ,Vivo U3x (PD1928) , Vivo U10 (1916) ,Vivo V15 Pro(1818) UFS ,Vivo V17 PRO (PD1931F) ,Vivo X27 (PD1838) ,Vivo V19 Neo (Vivo 1919)
  • Vivo MTK Remove Pattern / Password Without Lose Data
    • Vivo Y81s (PD1732A) ,Vivo Y81(1808) PD1732F ,Vivo Y81i (1812) PD1732CF ,Vivo Y91 (1814)PD1818EF ,Vivo Y91i (1816) PD1818HF ,Vivo Y91C (1820) PD1818HF ,Vivo Y30 (1930)PD1934F ,Vivo Y30i Vivo 2019 ,Vivo Y15 (1901)PD1304CM ,Vivo Y12 (1904)PD1901BF ,Vivo V15 (1819)PD1831F
  • Oppo Write Imei (AT Mode )
    • Oppo F5 Support Modem Old , Oppo F7 Support Modem Old , Oppo F9
  • Fixbug Tool
    • Fix Tab Qualcomm and MTK
Download Setup :


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