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Sigma Software v2.40.00 Released

Sigma Software v2.40.00 Released. IMEI : Not found / IMEI : null REPAIR
Sigma Software v2.40.00 Released

The Following Features have been Released for latest Huawei MTK Based Devices :
  • Backup calibration data
  • Restore calibration data *
These features will allow to fix “Software IMEI: Not found” / "IMEI: null" issues. Just Backup calibration data from a working set & restore it into the corrupted one. Then Repair phone’s original IMEI.
Supported MTK Models :
  • AMN-AL10, AMN-L03, AMN-L21, AMN-L22, AMN-L23, AMN-L29, AMN-LX1, AMN-LX3, AMN-LX9
  • Enjoy 9e
  • Honor 8A, Honor 8A Pro, Honor 8S, Honor 9A, Honor Play 3E, Honor Play 8A
  • JAT-AL00, JAT-L21, JAT-L29, JAT-L41, JAT-LX1
  • Kansas, KSA-AL00, KSA-AL10, KSA-L22, KSA-L23, KSA-L29, KSA-LX9, KSA-TL00, KSE-LX9
  • Madrid, MED-LX9, MED-LX9N, MOA-LX9N, MRD-AL00, MRD-L03, MRD-L11, MRD-L21, MRD-L41, MRD-LX1, MRD-LX1F, MRD-LX2, MRD-LX3, MRD-TL00
  • Y5 2019, Y5P, Y6 2019, Y6 Prime 2019, Y6 Pro 2019, Y6P
  • DRA-AL00, DRA-L01, DRA-L02, DRA-L03, DRA-L21, DRA-L22, DRA-L42, DRA-LX2, DRA-LX3, DRA-LX5
  • DUA-AL00, DUA-L21, DUA-L22, DUA-LX2, DUA-LX3, DUA-TL00
  • Enjoy 8e Youth, Honor 7s, Honor Play 7, Y5 2018, Y5 Prime 2018
  • And other New MTK Models
*Share Huawei calibration data using our new Sigma Pack 5 Activation!

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