Chimera Tool v27.65.1339 Update Released


⭐️ 25/02/2021  #8 BiWeekly Update - Fixes and Improvements ⭐️

Software Version : 27.65.1339
Release Date : 25 February 2021

New Features and Improvements :
  • Samsung: added new Read Codes Online and Read Cert procedures for some Exynos models (only shows for supported models with supported modems, ROOT: NO, KNOX: YES)
  • Huawei: removed a couple security restrictions for Factory Mode procedures
  • Huawei: more informative messages on dialogs during procedure execution
  • Core: more precise remaining time calculation in download manager
Bugfixes :
  • Huawei: fixed a bug that could occur when using user provided firmware files for soft bricking
  • Core: various fixes to improve application stability
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