NCK Box / Pro Android MTK v2.9.4 Update Released

NCK Box / Pro Android MTK v2.9.4 Installer Released - [26/02/2021]

Whats new :
  • Added Oppo Safe Reset in Meta Mode.
    • Tested phones was
      • Oppo A31
      • Oppo A12
      • Oppo A1k
      • Oppo Reno 2F
      • OPPO F15
      • Oppo RENO 2Z
      • Oppo F11
      • Oppo realme C2
      • Oppo Realme C3
      • Oppo realme C12
Can be supported many other oppo models, function is safe and use phone api to perform reset.
Function is located under (factory reset - format storge) tab.
CDC driver is located in usb_driver directory, located in main exe directory.
    • Undated exe to support 7.2033 dll version for latest cpu support.
  • Added Software Testpoint Function in exe.
    • This function allow to connect secured phones as "generic".
    • Phone must be connected in brom mode and execute function.
    • To service phone in flash mode(frp, format, backup/restore security) need to load scatter+ preloader or preloader.
      • Supported cpu for this function
        • MT6735
        • MT6737,
        • MT6580,
        • MT6739,
        • MT6755,
        • MT6757
        • MT6763,
        • MT6761
        • MT6765
        • MT6768
        • MT6771
        • MT6785
        • MT8127
        • MT8163
        • MT8173
        • MT8695
        • MT6873
        • MT6582
        • MT6799
    • This function is based on chaosmaster and xyzz work.
    • To use this version libusb_win32 must be installed.
    • With connected phone need to execute filter wisard.
    • Do not execute inf file wisard, this will replace mtk drivers with libusb driver.
  • Added Load Preloader, this function need to use to service phones in flash mode.
  • Remaked exe GUI.
Please download installer from support, using main module.

Official website:


How to Download?
1. Go to website link - downloads
2. Download Main Module (if you don t have it already.
3. Run NCK Main Module software
4. Click settings tab.
5. Click Download installers Link.

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