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Unlock Tool Setup v2021.01.31.05

Version   : 2021.01.31.05
Hash    : 0a4104fffbfca269a92857a7e8f6544a
Update On : Feb. 1, 2021, 4:30 a.m.

Change Log :
  • Forum Guide, Solutions Oppo - Realme MTK
    • Factory Reset New EMMC & UFS 5G, UFS 2.1 Auth Bypass - Factory Reset , Boot Meta
      • UFS 5G Boot Meta -> Factory Reset New [4]
        • Oppo F17 Pro CPH2119 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno3 CPH2043 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2035 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2036 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno3 Pro CPH2037 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno4 F CPH2209 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno4 Lite CPH2125 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A93 CPH2121 Android 11 [Boot Meta]
        • Updating list models .......................
      • Auth Bypass -> Factory Reset [BROM]
        • Oppo A1k CPH1923 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo A11K CPH2071 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo AX7 CPH1903 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo A12 CPH2083 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo A12s CPH2077 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo A8 2019 PDBM00 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo A9 MTK PCAM10/CPH1938 [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo A15 CPH2185 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo A31 CPH2015/CPH2073 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo F11 CPH1911 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Oppo F11 Pro CPH1969 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Realme C2 RMX1941 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Realme C2s RMX1941 Supported [Auth Bypass]
        • Realme 3 RMX1821 RMX1822/RMX1823/RMX1825[Auth Boot]
      • EMMC Boot Meta Mode -> Factory Reset New [2]
        • Oppo A83 CPH1729 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo F5 CPH1723 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo F5 CPH1725 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo F7 CPH1821 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo F7 CPH1819 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Oppo F9 CPH1823 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 F CPH1989 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A1K CPH1923 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A91 PCPM00 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A91 CPH2021/CPH2001 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A11K CPH2071 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A12 CPH2083 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A12S CPH2077 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo R15 CPH1835[Boot Meta]
        • Oppo A31 CPH2029/CPH2031/CPH2081 [Boot Meta]
        • Realme C11 RMX2181/RMX2182/RMX2187 [Boot Meta]
        • Realme C12 RMX2189 [Boot Meta]
        • Realme C15 RMX2186/RMX2180 [Boot Meta]
      • UFS 2.1 Boot Meta Mode -> Factory Reset New [3]
        • Oppo Reno2 F CPH1989 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno Z PCDT10 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno Z PCDM10 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno Z CPH1979 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 Z DS CPH1951 128GB [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM70 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKT00 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM00 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1945 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 Z CPH1951 [Boot Meta]
        • Oppo Reno2 Z PCKM80 DS TD-LTE CN 128GB [Boot Meta]
Information :
  • Please uninstall Flexihud (EUsbHubFilter)
  • Find name driver error (C:\Windows\System32\drivers - Delete or move Desktop)
  • Open Registry Editor - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000} delete UpperFilters

Download Setup :


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