GSD Dongle Version Update Released

GSD Dongle Version Released
★ GSD Dongle Released ★ [Feel the Power] Great Start for MediaTek

What is News :
  • Fixed Bugs And Optimization
    • Note : These are problems reported by some users and many may not have these problems.
  • Fixed Many Reported Bug thanks from users!.
Added Or Enabled Features
  • Mediatek (Brom, Preloader Service)
    • All Feature can be use with disable auth function (for using this feature , you need select your device cpu in chipset list)
    • Supprted NAND , UFS and EMMC Storage (Support for the latest mediatek Platform)
    • Select Automatic and Custom DA, auth, scatter file
  1. Added New Platform for disable authorization
    • Mediatek MT6261
    • Mediatek MT6572
    • Mediatek MT6580
    • Mediatek MT6582
    • Mediatek MT6735
    • Mediatek MT6737
    • Mediatek MT6739
    • Mediatek MT6755
    • Mediatek MT6757
    • Mediatek MT6761
    • Mediatek MT6763
    • Mediatek MT6765
    • Mediatek MT6768
    • Mediatek MT6771
    • Mediatek MT6785
    • Mediatek MT6799
    • Mediatek MT6873
    • Mediatek MT8127
    • Mediatek MT8163
    • Mediatek MT8173
    • Mediatek MT8695
  2. Added Read Full information from bootloader
  3. Added Read Partition List (begin start , length )
  4. Added Flash Scatter Firmware (Normal boot , Secure Boot)
  5. Added Flash unsigned Firmware (bin dump storage)
  6. Added Backup Full dump (bin unsigned Firmware)
  7. Added Backup Manually Or Full Partitions Scatter Base (v1.1.1)
  8. Added Backup Nvram , nvdata scatter Base (v1.1.1)
  9. Added Bypass Screen Lock With Scatter Firmware (not support system-as-root kernel)
  10. Added Bypass Frp (Erase Method)
  11. Added Safe format (Dump your phone before using this feature)
  12. Added Manual format device (with begin address and Length)
  13. Added Erase All Or Manually Partitions
  14. Added Erase Nvram
  15. Added new platform for Disable authorization
  16. Added Analysis memory and storage
  17. Updated Bypass authorization Functions
  • Mediatek (Updated Features)
  1. Updated METAMODE imei repair functions
  2. Added New Easy Control brom,preloader service files
  • Xiaomi Mediatek Platform :
    • All Feature is automatically(no need da,auth and more file for service)
    • updated flash firmware Feature
  1. Added Backup nvram (Flash Mode)
  2. Added Erase nvram (Flash Mode)
  3. Added Bypass MI-Account (Flash Mode)(Erase Method)
  4. Added Bypass FRP (Flash Mode)(Erase Method)
  5. Enabled disable auth models :
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 9
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro
    • Xiaomi Redmi 9A/9AT
    • Xiaomi Redmi 9C
    • Xiaomi Redmi 9/9PRIME
    • Xiaomi Redmi 6
    • Xiaomi Redmi 6A
    • Xiaomi MiPlay
    • Xiaomi Redmi K30 Ultra
    • Xiaomi Redmi 10X 5G
    • Xiaomi Redmi 10x 4G
    • Xiaomi Redmi 10x Pro 5G
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
    • Xiaomi Redmi Pro
    • Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
  • Huawei Mediatek Platform :
    • All Feature is automatically(no need da,auth and more file for service)
      1. Updated Flash firmware Feature
      2. Added Backup Nvram , nvdata scatter Base (v1.1.1) (Flash Mode)
      3. Added Erase nvram (Flash Mode)
      4. Added Bypass FRP (Flash Mode)(Erase Method)
      5. Added Repair imei (Meta Mode)
      6. Added Repair imei (adb Mode)
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