GSM Shield Box Spreadtrum v1.5 Setup

GSM SHIELD BOX SPRD v1.5 Setup is out...

Added :
  • Repair IMEI in flash mode (all supported listed by software in Android phones).
  • Repair IMEI for phones with type 4 security.
  1. Supported repair in DIAG and flash mode.
  2. Supported cpu sc7731e, sc9832e, sc9820e, sc9863a
Added support for new PAC format (old software version gave exception on this)
  • Exe will autodetect PAC format and will use new or old layout auto.
    • Added Simunlock in flash mode for supported by exe android phones, many phones after unlock in Diag mode relock after factory reset, so this will help to solve problem.
    • Added Simunlock support for phones with new security, so called type 4
  • Supported cpu sc7731e, sc9832e, sc9820e,sc9863a
  • Unlock is supported in Diag mode and flash mode.
  • Unlock will work only on phones with not damaged security.
  • Phones with erased or rewrited from other phone nvram will not work.
  • Software will select auto unlock method, not need to select any method manual.
Improved DIAG mode operations.
Now exe will wait until phone will restart in DIAG mode.
For some phones this can take 10-20sec, for some phones is instant.

GSM Shield Box Spreadtrum v1.5 Setup