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Miracle Box Digital v3.18 Released

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Miracle Box Digital (Login Edition) Ver 3.18 3rd March 2021πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Miracle Box v3.18
Digital Update (3rd March 2021)
Now also available in Digital Login Edition

What new :
  1. Add New MTK CPU Support MT8696/8195/6833.
  2. Add and Improve Disable Auth Support
  3. Improve Redmi Note 8 Boot Support.
  4. Improve VIVO Some Modles Support (MT6765 like Y83,Y95,S1 etc).
  5. Add New MTK Flasher Support (in Android Tab).
  6. Add One Key MTK Exploit.
  7. Improve OPPO A12/A5s etc Support.
  8. Improve MTK Format (Advanced Frp) Add Persist Partition.
  9. Improve Vivo V19 Support.
  10. Fix SPD Boot Error.
  11. Fix check Server Error.
  12. Fix & Improved Some Bugs.
Supported SoCs :
  • Mediatek MT6572
  • Mediatek MT6735
  • Mediatek MT6737
  • Mediatek MT6739
  • Mediatek MT6755
  • Mediatek MT6757
  • Mediatek MT6761
  • Mediatek MT6765
  • Mediatek MT6768
  • Mediatek MT6771
  • Mediatek MT6785
  • Mediatek MT6873
  • Mediatek MT8127
  • Mediatek MT8163
  • Mediatek MT8173
  • Mediatek MT8695
  • Mediatek MT6761
  • Mediatek MT6757
  • Mediatek MT6763
  • Mediatek MT6580
  • Mediatek MT6582

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