MRTKEY Ver 3.82 Update Released

MRT V3.82 New Update!!!

OPEN Huawei Flasher hisi 980 ,710 659,970
you can unlock frp one click
or do others work after unlock Bootloader

New Update fix the bugs for vivo or others brand mobile mtk 6762 6763 6765 6768 unlock frp

new update adjust oppo r15 a7x a3 a83 a73 a79 F5 F7 F9 unlock password(new version unlock with meta without open mobile)

fix the redmi note8 bugs

you can flash a lot xiaomi phone with mrt last updata 3.81 or 3.82 software

if you get program error, you need connect mobile with good usb cable!!!

Download :
MRT Ver 3.82 Meta Box
MRT Ver 3.82 Meta Box

MRT Ver 3.82 GDrive 1
MRT Ver 3.82 GDrive 2
MRT Ver 3.82 GDrive 3
MRT Ver 3.82 GDrive 4

MRT Ver 3.82 Mediafire
MRT Ver 3.82 Mediafire

MRT Ver 3.82 AFH
Pass : mrtokey