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F-Finder v4.4.2 Update Released

New Update F-Finder V4.4.2 (29 April 2021)

New Update Feature :
  •  Adding new Function Troubleshooting
  • Manual Input Volt/Diode Mode Value
  • Connected to Smartprobe Device
  • Adding Flow Chart in Troubleshooting
  • Adding New Function Short Circuit Finder
  • Improved Graphic user interface
  • Smoother Application
  • Improved respond server
  • Fast content respond
  • Reduce Glitch when load the data
  • Remove expired time for old user
  • Auto Update
  • Solve some BUG
Key Feature :
  • Feature “Troublesooting”: A systematic repair guide that includes a flowchart
  • Support Brand: iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei (more than 200 type)
  • Feature “Hardware Maping”: Smart Schematics, Short Circuit Finder, PCB Tracing / PCB Bitmap
  • To solve the problem: (Note: not all types are currently available, we will continue to update regularly)
    • Audio
      • All Audio Not Working
      • Bottom Speaker Not Working
      • Ear Speaker Not Working
      • Front Mic Not Working
      • Headset Microphon Not Working
      • Headset Not Working
      • Loud Speaker Not Working
      • Rear Mic Not Working
      • Recording Microphone Not Working
      • Top Speaker Not Working
      • Voice Microphon Not Working
    • Booting Failure
      • Power On is pressed, current is stuck at -+100mA, USB driver not detected
      • Power On is pressed, current is stuck, USB driver detected "HS USB 9008"
      • Power On is pressed, current is stuckUSB driver detected "MTK USB Driver"
      • Power On is pressed, Restart After Animation Logo
      • Power On is pressed, Stuck on Android Logo
      • Power On is pressed, Stuck on Apple Logo
    • Button
      • HoldKey Not Working
      • Home Button Not Working
      • Menu Key Not Working
      • Power On Button Not Working
      • Ringer Button Not Working
      • Volume Up / Volume Down Not Working
    • Camera
      • Depth Camera Failure
      • Dual Camera Failure
      • Face detection, HDR Failure
      • Iris Scanner Camera Failure
      • LED Flash Failure
      • Macro Camera Failure
      • Rear / Main Camera Failure
      • Rear Camera - Left Failure
      • Rear Camera - Right Failure
      • Selfie / Front Camera Failure
      • SL 3D (depth / Biometrics Sensor) Failure
      • Tele Camera Failure
      • Ultra Wide Camera Failure
      • Wide Camera 108M Failure
      • Camera Wide Camera Failure
    • Charging
      • Charger connected, but not responding
      • Charger connected, warning "Battery Temperature High"
      • Charger connected, warning "Not Charging"
      • Fake charging, can't charge to Battery
      • VUSB cannot be connected to PC
    • Connection
      • Bluetooth/Wifi Not Working
      • Bluetooth/Wifi signal poor
      • USB cannot be connected to PC
    • Dead Phone
      • High Current Before Power On
      • Power On is pressed, current ticks 0 to 5mA
      • Power On is pressed, high current more than 200mA - 1A
    • Display
      • AMOLED Not Working (Dark Display)
      • Dark LCD / Backlight Not Working
      • LCD Blank / White Screen
      • The backlight is too dim
      • Touchscreen Not Working
    • Sensor
      • Accelerometer & Gyro Sensor Failure
      • Accelerometer Sensor Failure
      • All Sensor Not Working
      • Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) Failure
      • Barometer Sensor Not Working
      • Compass Sensor Not Working
      • Face detection Not Working
      • Fingerprint / Touch ID Not Working
      • Flip Cover/Hall Sensor Not Working
      • GPS & Sensor Hub Failure
      • GPS Not Working
      • Grip Sensor Not Working
      • Gyro Sensor Failure
      • Heart Rate Sensor Failure
      • IR Sensor Not Working
      • Magnetic Sensor Failure
      • NFC Failure
      • Pedometer Sensor Failure
      • Pressure Sensor Failure
      • Proximity & RGB Sensor Failure
      • Proximity Failure
      • RGB Sensor Failure
      • SAR Sensor Not Working
      • Skin Thermistor Failure
      • Temperature Sensor Failure
      • Touchkey Not Working
    • Sim Card & SD Card
      • SD Card not detected
      • SIM 1 not detected
      • SIM 2 not detected
New Schematics Update :
  • Update Schematic Redmi 9a
Note :
  • If you have problems installing the setup, please WhatsApp support team +6287899699756

Download :
F-Finder v4.4.2 Update Released
F-Finder v4.4.2 Update Released
F-Finder v4.4.2 Update Released

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