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GSD Dongle Version Update Released

GSD Dongle Version Released
13/04/2021 GSD Dongle ⭐️V1.0.0.23⭐️ New Features and Start Support for Oppo & Realme

What is News :
added Oppo / Realme section
LG and HTC Section deleted (These brands were removed from the GSD dongle support list due to the lack of models in the market and the manufacturer's farewell to the mobile market.)

Fixed Bugs And Optimization
Fixed Bugs and Updated Features :
Note : These are problems reported by some users and many may not have these problems.
  • Fixed Many Reported Bug thanks from users!.
  • Xiaomi : Fixed imei null after flash
  • Xiaomi : Updated Flash firmware in fastboot mode
  • Mediatek : Fixed crash application after operation
  • Mediatek : Updated Format all feature
Mediatek Platform Added : (Supported SoCs)
  • MediaTek MT6885 5G
Xiaomi Models Cdded :
  • Poco M2 Mediatek Helio G80 (12 nm)
  • angelicain Poco C3
Xiaomi New Features :
  • added disable mi cloud service (New Anti Relock)(ADB Mode)
  • added bypass mi cloud (flash mode)(no vpn) (mi account no back after patch,factory reset)(Requires firmware according to the device build number)
  • added bypass mi cloud (fastboot mode unlocked BL)(mi account no back after patch,factory reset)(Requires firmware according to the device build number)
  • added safe format xiaomi (Flash Mode)
  • Added Flash In edl Mode (now we no active this feature for any models, In the coming days, we will activate it for each compatible model through the server)
Oppo / Realme New Features :
All Features is automatically
  • Flash Firmware (brom and preloader)
  • bypass frp
  • safe format
  • erase nvram
  • backup nvram
Oppo & Realme Models Added : 
(The rest of the models will be added automatically.)
  • A1601 F1s
  • X9009 F1 Plus
  • R9m F1 Plus
  • PCDM00 A7n
  • PCDT00 A7n
  • CPH1909 A5s
  • CPH1920 A5s
  • CPH1912 A5s
  • CPH1913 F11
  • CPH1911 F11
  • CPH1969 F11 Pro
  • CPH2209 F11 Pro
  • CPH1987 F11 Pro
  • PBBM00 A7x
  • PBBT00 A7x
  • CPH1823 F9 (F9 Pro)
  • CPH1881 F9 (F9 Pro)
  • CPH1825 F9 (F9 Pro)
  • CPH1859 F7 Youth
  • PACM00 R15
  • CPH1835 R15
  • PACT00 R15
  • PAAT00 R15
  • CPH1819 F7
  • CPH1821 F7
  • PADM00 A3
  • CPH1837 A3
  • PADT00 A3
  • CPH1923 A1k
  • CPH2083 A12
  • CPH2077 A12
  • CPH2185 A15
  • CPH2179 A15s
  • CPH2083 A11k
  • CPH2071 A11k
  • RMX2002 Realme 6i (India)
  • RMX2001 Realme 6
  • RMX2003 Realme 6

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