Infinity CM2MT2 v2.22 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/MediaTek v2.22 - New Models and Features

As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Core :
  • Changed : Protocol updated (for Raphael/Legacy SoC)
  • Changed : Loader v2112 supported and tested
  • Changed : MediaTek MT6757 support revised
  • Changed : StandAlone SLA now activated in automatic mode for phones that need it
  • Changed : Driver dependency is not important any more, it gives more flexibility and more stable operations
  • Changed : EMI DB updated, BootHelper updated
  • NewChip : MT3561/MT3561S supported (CardHeadUnit)
  • Changed : Core updated for RAPHAEL SoC line
  • Changed : UltraFlash engine updated
  • Changed : Long-range reading (over 32+ GB) optimized ( in most cases for Forensic cases )
  • Changed : LEGACY support revised
  • Changed : SmartReset function process updated
  • Changed : New SmartReset mode activated - SmartReset Extra
    • SmartReset Extra acts like ordinary ones but makes additional operations for specific brands:
      • Reset MiAcc for Xiaomi ( non-permanent )
      • Reset FlyMe acc for Meizu
    • Other vendor-specific scripts can be included by users requests
  • Feature : "Restore Backup" option activated ( see Security tab )
    • Automatic restore backup for connected device if this backup was already created earlier by Identify, Settings -> Autobackup option
Firmware Reader
  • Changed : Android 11 specific changes
  • Changed : Brand-specific changes and fixes
  • Changed : Better sparse handling
  • Changed : New types supported
  • Changed : Internal Database updated
Model DB
  • Changed : Changed acting model to semi-auto
    • In most cases it is enough just to select required operation and connect devices ( BROM mode preferable )
    • In some situations it may need to select older BASE DA for older SoCs ( LEGACY ones, since they are outdated )
  • Changed : New DA base v2112 included
  • Changed : Number of small changes and fixes
  • Changed : Some unused options and checkboxes has been removed as deprecated, UI become easier


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