MRTKEY Ver 3.88 Update Released

MRT V3.88 New Update!!!

New Update add xiaomi unlock account without relock (not need install vpn,not need flash 3rd rom,not need unlock BL)
support all the xiaomi redmi phone qualcomm cpu in the mrt list

adjust vivo qualcomm cpu unlock password

hw flasher unlock account add hisi(kirin) 980 read write oeminfo one click

others bug fix

MRT VER 3.88 (big bug in mrt 3.86 after unlock vivo still password fix)
fix xiaomi redmi note8 8 8a ... unlock account fail
if you aleady download 3.86 just download 3.88 patch only

3.88 patch update (unzip and copy exe and data to 3.86)
download link#1

also in download support

Download :
MRT Ver 3.88 Meta Box
MRT Ver 3.88 Meta Box

MRT Ver 3.88 GDrive 1
MRT Ver 3.88 GDrive 2
MRT Ver 3.88 GDrive 3
MRT Ver 3.88 GDrive 4

MRT Ver 3.88 Mediafire
MRT Ver 3.88 AFH
Pass : mrtokey