Hydra Mediatek Tool v1.0.3.30 Update Release

Hydra MTK Module v1.0.3.30 [06.05.2021] - Mediatek Overtake

Hydra Tool MTK Module v1.0.3.30

Relase Notes :
  • [Added] - BROM Port-Dump Preloader Flash Init.
    • This function will fix booting issue, if assigned or automatic preloader is Denied during booting.
  • [Added] - BROM Port-Dump Bootrom (Method 1 and Method 2)
    • For advanced user, analysis of bootrom
  • [Added] - BROM Port-Brom exploit ByCpu Payload and Universal/Generic Payload
  • [Added] - OPPO Android 11 / UFS 5G Chips Factory Reset
  • [Fixed] - Protocol
Supported Socs Brom Exploit (MT6261,MT6572,MT6580,MT6582,MT6735,MT6737,MT6739, MT6753, MT6755,MT6757,MT6761,MT6763,MT6765,MT6768,MT6771,M T6779,
MT6785,MT6795,MT6797,MT6799,MT6873,MT6885,MT8127,M T8163,MT8173,MT8516,MT8695)

Added Following Models "Without Auth" BROM Mode by USB
  • Xiaomi
    • Xiaomi Redmi 10X Pro 5G (bomb)
    • Xiaomi Redmi 10X 5G (Atom)
  • Motorola
    • Motorola XT2053-1 (Moto E6s 2020)
    • Motorola XT2016-1 ((Moto One Macro)
  • Meizu
    • Meizu Pro 7
  • OPPO
    • OPPO A54 (CPH2236)
    • OPPO A93 (CPH2121)
    • OPPO A94 (CPH2203)
    • OPPO Realme 8 (RMX3085)
    • OPPO Realme C25 (RMX3191)
    • OPPO Reno 5 Lite (CPH2205)
    • OPPO Reno 5F (CPH2217)
    • OPPO Reno 4 Lite (CPH2125)
    • OPPO A7N (PCDM00)
    • OPPO A7N (PCDT00)
Added Following Huawei Models by USB or Testpoint Operations
Read/Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Reset FRP, Remove Huawei ID, Factory Reset(Format), Read/Write Dump, Partition Manager
  • Huawei Honor Play 3e (KSA-AL00)
  • Huawei Enjoy 10E (MED-AL00A, MED-AL00B, MED-AL00D, MED-AL20, MED-AL20D, MED-AL20DX, MED-TL00, MED-TL00B)
  • Huawei Enjoy 9E (MRD-AL00, MRD-AL00A, MRD-AL00AW, MRD-L01, MRD-L01A, MRD-TL00, MRD-TL00AW, MRD-TL00B, MRD-TL00BW, MRD-TL00CW)
  • Huawei Honor 7S (DUA-L22)
  • Huawei Honor 8S (KSA-AL10, KSA-L03, KSA-L03B, KSA-L09, KSA-L09B, KSA-L22, KSA-L22B, KSA-L23, KSA-L23B, KSA-L29, KSA-L29B)
  • Huawei Honor 9A Global (MOA-L49, MOA-L49C, MOA-L49I)
  • Huawei Honor 9S DS (DUA-LX9)
  • Huawei Honor Play 9A (MOA-AL00B, MOA-AL00D, MOA-AL00F, MOA-AL20D, MOA-AL20DX)
  • Huawei Honor Play 9A (MOA-TL00, MOA-TL00C)
  • Huawei Y5 2019 (AMN-L02, AMN-L03, AMN-L03B, AMN-L09, AMN-L09B, AMN-L22, AMN-L23, AMN-L23B, AMN-L29B, AMN-LX3)
  • Huawei Y6 2019 (MRD-L03, MRD-L23, MRD-LX1)
  • Huawei Y6P (MED-L09, MED-L09C, MED-L29, MED-L29C, MED-L29II, MED-L49, MED-L49C)
  • Huawei Y6s 2019 (JAT-L21, JAT-L03, JAT-L21A, JAT-L23, JAT-L29A, JAT-L29B, JAT-L29, JAT-LX1, JAT-LX3)
  • Huawei MatePad T8 (KOB2-L09, KOB2-W09)
Added OPPO Factory Reset for Following Models by USB Meta Mode
  • OPPO Reno 4F (CPH2209)
  • OPPO Reno 5 Pro 5G (CPH2201)
  • OPPO A92S (PDKM00)
  • OPPO Reno 4Z 5G (CPH2065)
  • OPPO Reno 4SE (PEAM00)
  • OPPO F19 Pro Plus (CPH2213)
  • OPPO F19 Pro 5G (CPH2285)
  • OPPO F19 Pro (CPH2285)
  • OPPO Narzo 20 Pro (CPH2161)
  • OPPO K7x 2020 5G (CPH2111B)
  • OPPO A53 5G 2020 (PECM30)
  • OPPO A55 5G (PEMT00)
  • OPPO A95 5G (PELM00)
  • OPPO Reno5 Z (CPH2211)
  • OPPO K7X (PERM00)
  • OPPO A73 5G (CPH2161)
  • OPPO A93S (PDKM00)
  • OPPO Realme V15 5G (RMX3092)
  • OPPO Realme X7 (RMX2176)
  • OPPO Realme V3 (RMX2111)
  • OPPO Realme V5 5G (RMX2111)
  • OPPO Realme X7 Pro (RMX2121)
  • OPPO Realme Narzo 30 Pro 5G (RMX2151)
  • OPPO Realme Narzo 30A (RMX3171)
  • OPPO Realme Q2i (RMX2200)
  • OPPO Realme Q2 Pro (RMX2173)
Added Following Models for Flash Mode Operations by USB
Read/Write Firmware, Repair IMEI, Reset FRP, Factory Reset(Format), Read/Write Dump, Partition Manager
  • Infinix
    • Infinix X680 (Hot 9 Play)
    • Infinix X682C (Hot 10)
    • Infinix X657B (Hote 10 Lite)
  • Tecno
    • Tecno KC3 (Camon 12 Air)
  • Blu
    • Blu View 1
  • Meizu
    • Meizu M1 Metal
    • Meizu M2
    • Meizu M2 Note
    • Meizu M3
    • Meizu M3 Max
    • Meizu M3s Mini
    • Meizu M5
    • Meizu M5 Note
    • Meizu M6T
    • Meizu MX5
    • Meizu V8
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Hydra Mediatek Tool v1.0.3.30
Hydra Mediatek Tool v1.0.
Hydra Mediatek Tool v1.0.