Octoplus Samsung Installer v3.0.3

Octoplus Box Samsung v.3.0.3 is out!
Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.3.0.3 is out!

Octoplus / Octopus Box Samsung Software v.3.0.3 Release Notes :
🐙 Added "Read Codes" operation "Via Upload Mode" method for Exynos CPU Galaxy S20, S21, Note 20 devices:
(supported [binary: ALL] for devices with [knox: 0] [root: NO])
  • SM-G980F
  • SM-G981B
  • SM-G985F
  • SM-G986B
  • SM-G988B
  • SM-G991B
  • SM-G991N
  • SM-G996B
  • SM-G996N
  • SM-G998B
  • SM-G998N
  • SM-N980F
  • SM-N981B
  • SM-N985F
  • SM-N986B
Read Codes method "Via Upload Mode" will read out network codes from your device, one by one (in several steps).

Each of the stages requires additional credits!

Please check Credits consumption for more details
Short Description:
Only MCK (PUK/FREEZE) code will be calculated at first step. After successfully received MCK (PUK/FREEZE) code, you need to enter "MCK (PUK/FREEZE)" into your device.
Then perform "Read Codes" again to read NCK code (second step) after that, enter "NCK code" into your device, to get fully unlocked device!

ATTENTION: All "steps" of Read Codes operation are required to be done to get fully unlocked device.
Note: If You'll cancel operation on one of the steps, the credits will not be refunded! Please, read instructions and warnings very attentive and only then proceed operation.
🐙 Improved "Read Codes" method Via Diag and ADB (February 2021 Method).
🐙 Improved "Read Codes" operation for Qualcomm devices.
🐙 Improved "Read Codes" operation for the following devices :
  • SM-A315F
  • SM-A315G
  • SM-A315N
  • SM-A415F
🐙 Improved Unlock operation for the following devices :
  • SM-A600T
  • SM-A600T1


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