GSD Dongle Version Update Released

GSD Dongle Version Released
★★★ GSD Dongle Released ★★★ [Feel The Power] Fire Download Module , etc ...

What is News ?
  • Fixed Bugs and Updated Features:
    • Note : These are problems reported by some users and many may not have these problems.
    • Fixed Many Reported Bug thanks from users!.
Fire Download
  • Feel The Power
New module for downloading files related to mobile repairs,A complete set to download files needed for repairs of various brands
Some features of this tool
    • display the list of the latest files uploaded to the server
    • Show categories based on file type and brand name.
    • Display categories of each brand based on file number, model number
    • Show models of each category and display the number of files of each model.
    • Display complete information of each file, including model, brand, build number, version, region, size
    • View the full contents of the file before downloading
    • Advanced Search file based on All-categories Or with brand name
    • Ability to pause, resume file download
    • Ability to display download-related events
    • And Many Other features ...
ScreenShots :

Samsung Features :
Added Remove Please Call Me / FRP=ON / OEM=ON for models:
note : We are updating this models from server , Available immediately.
Code :
    • Galaxy A30 SM-A305F U3,U1
    • Galaxy A30 SM-A305FN         U3,U1
    • Galaxy A50 SM-A505F         U1,U2
    • Galaxy A6 Plus SM-A605F         U3
    • Galaxy A7 SM-A750F         U4
    • Galaxy S10e SM-G970FD         U9
    • Galaxy S10e SM-G970N         U3
    • Galaxy S10 SM-G973F         U9,U1
    • Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G975F         U9,U1
    • Galaxy s10 5G SM-G977N         U2
    • Galaxy S20 5G SM-G981N         U1
    • Galaxy J4 Plus SM-J415F U2
    • Galaxy J6 SM-J600F U8,U10-UA
    • Galaxy A10 SM-A105G         U3
    • Galaxy A20 SM-A205F         U1,U2
    • Galaxy A20 SM-A205FN         U1,U2
    • Galaxy A20 SM-A205G         U1
    • Galaxy A20 SM-A205GN         U2,U3
    • Galaxy A6 SM-A600T         U2
    • Galaxy S7 SM-G930V      U9
    • Galaxy S8 SM-G950F       U4,U3
    • Galaxy S8 SM-G950X      U3
    • Galaxy S8 Plus SM-G955F       U1
    • Galaxy S10 SM-G973X      U1
    • Galaxy S10 SM-G973U         U1
    • Galaxy S10 US SM-G973U1    U1
    • Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G975X      U1
    • Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G975U      U1
    • Galaxy S10 Plus SM-G975U1     U1
    • Galaxy J2 Core SM-J260M       U3
    • Galaxy J4 SM-J400F U1
    • Galaxy J4 SM-J400FN     U1
    • Galaxy J4 SM-J400X U1
    • Galaxy J7 SM-J730F U2
    • Galaxy J7 SM-J730X U2
    • Galaxy J8 SM-J810G U1
    • Galaxy J8 SM-J810Y U1
    • Galaxy Note8         SM-N950F       U1,U3
    • Galaxy Note8         SM-N950X      U1,U3
    • Galaxy Note 9         SM-N960F U2,U1
    • Galaxy Note 9         SM-N960X      U2,U1
    • Galaxy Note 10+ 5G SM-N976N U1
    • Galaxy A30 SM-A305X      U1
    • Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520K U2
    • Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520L       U2
    • Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520S U2
    • Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520X      U4
    • Galaxy A5 2017 SM-A520F       U4
    • Galaxy A8 SM-A530F       U2
    • Galaxy A8 SM-A530X      U2
    • Galaxy A8 SM-A530N      U1
    • Galaxy A6 SM-A600F       U3
    • Galaxy A6 SM-A600FN    U3
    • Galaxy A6 SM-A600X      U3
    • Galaxy A6 SM-A600G      U1
    • Galaxy A6 SM-A600GN   U1
    • Galaxy A7 2017 SM-A720S       U1
    • Galaxy A7 2017 SM-A720K      U1
    • Galaxy A7 2017 SM-A720L       U1
    • Galaxy A8+ SM-A730F       U1,U2
    • Galaxy A8+ SM-A730X      U1,U2
    • Galaxy A7 SM-A750G      U2
    • Galaxy A7 SM-A750GN   U2
    • Galaxy A9 Pro SM-A910F       U1
    • Galaxy A9 Pro SM-A910X      U1
    • Galaxy A9 SM-A920F       U1
    • Galaxy A9 SM-A920X      U1
    • Galaxy J7+ SM-C710F       U1
    • Galaxy J7+ SM-C710X      U1
    • Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530T       U1
    • Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610F       FA60
    • Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610FDD U1
    • Galaxy J7 Prime SM-G610FXX U1
    • Galaxy A8 Star SM-G885F       U1
    • Galaxy A8 Star SM-G885X      U1
    • Galaxy S7 SM-G930F       U5
    • Galaxy S7 edge SM-G935F       U1,U5

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