NCK Dongle / Pro Android MTK Module v2.7.5 Update Released

NCK Dongle / Pro Android MTK Module v2.7.5 Update Released - [13/06/2021]

Whats New :
  • Added Erase NVData and erase NVRam function on IMEI utils tab.
    • Added support for Android 10+
      • Now exe must read correctly phone info and handle partitions.
    • Added Bypass Security function in this new version.
      • Supported cpu for this function :
        • MT6735
        • MT6737
        • MT6580
        • MT6739
        • MT6755
        • MT6757
        • MT6763
        • MT6761
        • MT6765
        • MT6768
        • MT6771
        • MT6785
        • MT8127
        • MT8163
        • MT8173
        • MT8695
        • MT6873
        • MT6582
        • MT6799
      • Using this mode, you do not need to select preloader, auth or da file to service phone.
      • Exe will auto dump preloader also in %backup_directory\preloader_backup also and will use this preloader if need to initialize EMI settings in phone.
Important Notice :
  • You Need to just TICK BYPASS Boot security and execute needed operation: frp or reset security, unlock so on.
    • Model selection and cpu selection is not important.
    • Some old phones with 6737, 6735 etc... cpu will need to select cpu from list.
    • This cpu can not boot with latest da used in exe.
    • Software test point function was improved, now payload is executed lot more fast.

To use this functions, need to have installed LIbUSB (installer will install auto this library) and need to install filter for this library.
We made easy ONE Button solution for this (settings tab..install libusb filter)
If library was installed by user on other directory, not default, will need to install filter manually.
Reduced EXE GUI size by users requests.


Official website :

Official Download Link :

How to Download?
  1. Go to website link - downloads
  2. Download Main Module (if you don t have it already.
  3. Run NCK Main Module software
  4. Click settings tab.
  5. Click Download installers Link.