GSD Dongle Version Update Released

GSD Dongle Version Released
★★★ GSD Dongle Released ★★★ GSD Tool Final Version | Updated Features

What is News ?
So we got to the final stage of the GSD Tool 

This is Final Version Of GSD Tool , Next version is GSD Pro with New System and UI, New features and extensive improvements
We started developing the new base a month ago and its release will not be delayed.

For the next version, old customers will use GSD Pro for free.

Fixed Bugs and Updated Features:
  • Note : These are problems reported by some users and many may not have these problems.
  • Fixed Many Reported Bug thanks from users!.
  • Fixed Get Partition Issues
  • Fixed Read Partition Issues
  • Fixed Bypass Auth Issues ,Update CPUs Realtime from server
  • Updated Library for Support New Mediatek Platforms
Fire Download
  • Updated Download Protocol
  • Fixed MultiDevice Detect Issues
GSD Dongle Shell
Please download last version of GSD Shell and update your application