Sigma Key Software v2.40.11 Released

Sigma v.2.40.11. Full support for Huawei MT6853 Devices
Sigma Software v2.40.11 Released

  1. Added support for new Huawei smartphones with MediaTek MT6853
    • Supported Features :
      • Direct Unlock
      • IMEI Repair
      • Huawei ID remove
      • Software testpoint ON/OFF (up to 10.1)
      • READ / Write OEM info
      • Backup and Restore Calibrations
      • Change Vendor/Country/Model
    • Huawei :
      • Nova 8 SE JSC-AN00
      • Enjoy 20 Plus FRL-AN00a
      • Enjoy 20 Changxiang 20, WKG-TN00, WKG-AN00e
      • Nova 7 SE CND-AN00
  2. Bypass Boot Authorization Feature Now Supports
    • MT6592 CPUs.
    • MT6595 CPUs.
    • MT6885 CPUs.
    • MT6833 CPUs.
    • MT6853 CPUs.
    • MT8590 CPUs.
      • Please read the manual before performing the operation.
  3. Server performance was improved. Use latest Sigma software only for phone servicing!
    • Innovative functionality is available with our new Sigma Pack 5 activation!

Flash Files
Please visit Boot-Loader v2.0 to get access to complete SigmaKey files collection.

Get Ready
To get started with SigmaKey please follow this step-by-step installation procedure:
  • Connect SigmaKey/SigmaBox to PC USB port
  • Install SigmaKey/SigmaBox drivers
  • Update (activate) your SigmaKey/SigmaBox