Hydra Qualcomm Tool v1.0.3.10 Update Released

Hydra Qualcomm Tool v1.0.3.10 [14.12.21] - Xiaomi QC Unlock BL One Click, Minor Update
Hydra Qualcomm Tool v1.0.3.10 Released

Release Notes :
  • Added Following Xiaomi Models One Click Unlock Bootloader
    • Redmi Note 8 (ginkgo)
    • Redmi Note 8T (willow)
    • Mi A3 (laurel)
    • Mi CC9e (laures)
    • Redmi S2 (ysl)
    • Redmi Y2 (ysl)
    • Redmi Note 7 (lavender)
    • Redmi Note 7s (lavender)
    • Mi 8 Lite (platina)
    • Redmi Note 5A (ugglite)
    • Pocophone F1 (beryllium)
    • Mi 8 SE (sirius)
    • Mi 6X (wayne)
    • Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) -- Beta!!
    • Mi Note 3 (jason)
    • Redmi 7 (onc) -- Need Auth!!
    • Redmi Y3 (onc) -- Need Auth
P.S: If you already have package no need to re-download, Just update from HumTool

You can check from official webpage supported models and functions
Most models Supported Read Firmware, Write Firmware, Reset FRP, Factory Reset e.t.c

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Hydra Qualcomm Tool v1.0.3.10 Setup
Hydra Qualcomm Tool v1.0.3.10 Setup
Hydra Qualcomm Tool v1.0.3.10 Setup