Infinity CM2MT2 v2.33 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK / Mediatek v2.33 New Repair and Service Features
As Ordinary, Unique Functions and Methods Released

  • Changed : Protocol updated (RAPHAEL/LEGACY)
  • Changed : FireFly OverDA has been updated
  • Changed : MemoryTool rebuild
  • Changed : Activated "Restore Backup" with security only mode
  • Changed : Activated "Open active folder" button
  • Changed : Activated Init GPT from binary file
  • Changed : RPMB operations optimized
  • Changed : RPMB unificated type detection ( "swapable" types even on programmed RPMB )
  • Changed : Protocol updated (RAPHAEL)
  • Changed : UltraFlash protocol updated
  • Changed : Renamed "Check HW" to "Check Compatibility"
    • Now software check also compatibility between selected firmware and phone firmware sides
    • You will see a warning about any issues with incompatible combinations, which may lead to device/security damage
    • In case of enforced flashing can be used "Restore Backup" to recover security data (with enabled Security Only" option)
  • Changed : Backup option during flashing enforced by default
  • Changed : "Smart Reset" rebuild
  • Changed : "Smart Reset Extra" rebuild
    • - Smart Reset Extra updated: Improved Huawei Account reset ( "old types" and "modern types" supported )
    • - Smart Reset Extra updated: Improved Samsung support : Reset/Change KG
  • Required mode can be changed in software Settings tab!
    • - Factory Reset : FRP reset only option updated, now brand-indepedent ( If need reset FRP only, without Smart-ones )
    • - Factory Reset : FullFactory[1] and Factory[2] methods issues can be reset by other methods ( "No recovery command" issue )
    • - Factory Reset : Optimized latest firmwares-devices settings detection
  • Changed : Identify operation improved
  • Changed : Restore Backup option improved : ability to restore "security" only items instead of full range (by enabling "Security Only" checkbox)
  • Changed : GUI changes : MemoryTool menu, Dialogs, GUI fixes on older OS types
  • Changed : Many importnatn internal changes, bugfixes and improvements
  • Changed : RPMB with "type3" supported - unique feature, see the power

Infinity-Box CM2MT2 v2.33

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