Infinity Box CM2SP2 Boot Pack v1.03 Released

Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 CM2SP2 Boot Pack v1.03 Released
As ordinary, unique functions and methods released

Infinity #CM2SP2 boot pack v1.03 released with updated loaders
  • Arise
  • BQ
  • Celkon
  • Cell-C
  • HiSense
  • Infinix
  • Irbis

Infinity CM2SP2 boot pack has more than 400 loaders for many different brands and models!

How to use :

1. Download CM2SP2 installer and CM2SP2-boot-pack installer from support server

2. After you install CM2SP2 and you will get base/generic loaders installed

3. Install CM2SP2-boot-pack and you will get custom per brand/model loaders installed. New loaders located at your HDD at /CM2SP2/boot/ folder

4. Now you can select many brands and models from drop-down software list

Infinity-Box CM2SP2 Boot Pack v1.03 Setup

Password for archive file (if any) is: 12345678

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