AQUA Dongle v5.6 A.I.O Module Update Released

Aqua Dongle v5.6 Add New Generic Meta Mode imei Repair, Read / Write NVData & Modem DB
We are Glad to Present Aqua-Dongle New Addition Unlimited OFFline Features

Aqua Dongle v5.6 Add New Generic Meta Mode imei Repair, Read/Write NVData & Modem DB

Fully Offline
  • No need internet
  • No need packs
  • No need yearly
What's New :
  • [Exclusive] New Generic Meta Mode imei Repair Method Supporting Manny Devices
  • [Exclusive] Added 3 Different Payload types
    • Exploit 1
    • Exploit 2
    • Exploit 3
Note:- If First Exploit Not Work You Should Try Other One
Flash Mode & Meta Mode Both in Auto Protocol & SP Protocol
  • Supported Auto Select Modem DB from Local DB
  • Supported Manual DB selection
It Will Help You To Repair Security Many New Generic Devices In Meta Mode
  • [Added] Read / write NVRAM in Meta Mode
  • [Added] Read modem Database
  • [Added] Read/write/wipe Device Security
  • [Update] Meta Mode protocol
  • [UpdateDisable Device Security For Meta And Brom Mode
  • [Update] Sp Method Now More Fast Working
Some Pc May Not Work in Auto Protocol Then Use SP-Protocol & Both Protocol Work in Meta Mode & Flash Mode
  • [UpdateAuto PRELOADER Dump
  • [Update] PRELOADER database with over 1006 new EMI
  • [Update] Bootloader Lock/Unlock Method
  • [Update] RPMB Read/Write
  • [Fixed] Read Boot Info Flash for android 10+
  • [Fixed] Read Boot Info Meta for android 10+
!Many Other Change & Update's We Not Mention
Download New Update and Post SecreenShot With Detail It Will Help To
Improve More for Upcoming Update's
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