TFM Tool Pro Qualcomm v1.7.0 Beta3 Update Released

TFM Tool Pro QC v1.7.0 (BETA3) World 1st Vivo Bootloader Unlock All Model / Reboot EDL

TFM Tool Pro QC v1.7.0 (BETA3) Has Been Released

What News :
  • World 1st Vivo All Model Bootloader Unlock In Fastboot (Quallcomm)
    • World 1st Vivo All Model Fastboot To Reboot EDL (Quallcomm)
  • Added Demo Remove Vivo (on Test) (Quallcomm)
    • Good News For User In This New Listed Operations Are Free
      • Quote :
        • Vivo Reboot To EDL New
        • Vivo Bootloader Unlock (New Method)
        • Vivo Demo Remove (New Method)
  • Improved Flash Protocol
  • Fixed Minor Bugs

TFM Tool Pro Qualcomm Module v1.7.0 Beta3 Setup
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