EFT Pro Dongle v4.3.5 Update Released

EFT Pro Dongle update 4.3.5 is Released : Apple - IPWNDER Device New Features BUGS FIXED

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.3.5 is Released :
  • [Apple] Added Support :
    • ​{Improved} ( Backup & Restore Passcode) iOS 15.X
    • ​{Improved} Fix Drivers for Passcode iOS 15.X
    • ​{Improved} ( Backup ) iOS 15.X - Make IC-Info Auto
    • {Windows} IPWNDER Device (A9/A10/A11) (iPhone 6s/6s+/Se/7/7+/8/8+/x) Beta , First in the World ( No More Mac Needed & No More Bla Bla )

-- {Windows} IPWNDER Device (A9)

-- {Windows} IPWNDER Device (A10)

-- {Windows} IPWNDER Device (A11)

More To Come Soon ...

EFT Pro Dongle v4.3.5 Setup Released

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