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Estech Schematics v1.2.4 Update Released

Estech Schematics v1.2.4 Setup Update Released

  • Schematics Single and Dualviiew.
  • Bitmap + Schematics Single and Dualview.
  • Bitmap Single.
  • Bitmap Multi Layer.
  • Bitmap 2D.
  • All Features Support Single and Multi Monitor.
  • Low Memory Consumption.
  • Split Download Contents (like idm)/ safe download.
  • Automatic Cache of All Content
  • Etc.-
  • Memory guard protections.
  • Autocheck Update.
  • Added multilayer bitmap custom folder

ESTECH provides various variants of programs that suit your needs. Having an initial product Schematics, currently ESTECH innovation has given birth to every smartphone’s engineer to give more solution and take more experiences in their business field.Along with the development of the times and the increasing need for software, ESTECH, which was originally a company that develops system applications, innovated to answer the market needs for software. This answer gave birth to ESTECH schematics system to perfecting schematics products that are currently on the market with easier access, faster content download and smaller memory consumption.

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ESTECH schematics "simply smart guidelines"

Partners satisfaction is our top priority. Because we believe, your success is our success too.

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