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EMT v3.24.00 Update Released

EMT v3.24.00 Released, Added OPPO/REALME Qualcomm SnapDragon 750G chips supported, Added Remove Demo Mode for Vivo Qualcomm New Security Models!

World First! Added VIVO IQOO 3 / 3S / 5 / 5 PRO, IQOO NEO / NEO 3 Series / NEO 5 Series / NEO 6SE etc models, Supported Remove Demo Mode function!

World First! Added OPPO Module Qualcomm SnapDragon 750G chips: Supported REALME Q3_5G, RENO 5K etc Factory Reset, Reset FRP etc functions!

Added OPPO K10 ENERGY EDITION, RENO 5_5G, FIND X5 etc models, Supported Factory Reset, Reset FRP etc functions!

No Auth / No Credits
Following Models by EDL Mode:
Factory Reset, Reset FRP
  • REALME Q3_5G (RMX3161)
  • RENO 5K (PEGM10,PEGT10)
  • RENO 5_5G (CPH2145)
  • FIND X5 (CPH2307)

No Auth / No Credits
Following Models by EDL Mode:
Remove Demo Mode
  • IQOO 3 (PD1955,PD1955F)
  • IQOO 3S (PD1955,PD1955F)
  • IQOO 5 (PD2024,PD2024F)
  • IQOO 5 PRO (PD2025,PD2025F)
  • IQOO 7 (PD2084F)
  • IQOO NEO (PD1914A,PD1914T)
  • IQOO NEO 3_VER1 (PD1981,PD1981F)
  • IQOO NEO 3_VER2 (PD1981,PD1981F)
  • IQOO NEO 5 (PD2055,PD2055F)
  • IQOO NEO 5 Vitality Edition (PD2118,PD2118B,PD2118C)
  • IQOO NEO 5SE (PD2157,PD2157F)
  • IQOO NEO 6SE (PD2199,PD2199F)
  • IQOO U1 (PD2023)
  • IQOO Z1X (PD2012)
  • IQOO Z3 (PD2073F)
  • NEX (PD1806A,PD1806T)
  • NEX 2_DUAL (PD1821,PD1821F)
  • NEX 3S (PD1950,PD1950F)
  • NEX S (PD1805,PD1805F)
  • S15 (PD2203)
  • S5 (PD1932A,PD1932T)
  • S7_5G (PD2020)
  • T2 (PD2199G)
  • V19 (PD1969F,PD1969BF)
  • V20 (PD2039F)
  • V20 PRO (PD2020F)
  • V20 SE (PD2038F,PD2038BF,PD2038CF)
  • V20_2021 (PD2067F)
  • V21E_4G (PD2107F,PD2107BF)
  • X23 (PD1809A,PD1809T)
  • X27 (PD1829A,PD1829T)
  • X27 PRO (PD1836A,PD1836T)
  • X50 (PD2001,PD2001F)
  • X50 (PD2006,PD2006F)
  • X50 PRO (PD2005,PD2005F)
  • X50 PRO+ (PD2011,PD2011T)
  •  X50E (PD1968F)
  • X51 (PD2005,PD2005F)
  • X60 (PD2046,PD2046F)
  • X60 PRO (PD2059,PD2059F)
  • Y20 (PD2043F)
  • Y50T (PD2023E)
  • Y51 (PD2044F)
  • Z1 PRO (PD1951,PD1911F)
  • Z1X (PD1921F)
  • Z3 (PD1813B,PD1813D)
  • Z5 (PD1921,PD1921T)
  • Z5X (PD1911A,PD1911T)
  • Z5X (PD1990)
  • Z6 (PD1963)

  • Improved OPPO/REALME Qualcomm SnapDragon 865 chips solution
  • Improved OPPO/REALME Qualcomm SnapDragon 765G chips solution
  • Changed the account email modify process, improve account security
  • Fixed Known bugs
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