Cheetah Tool Pro v2022.04.35 Released

UPDATE v2022.04.35
We have new models for network lock code for African users​
Feel empowered with Cheetah Tool​

Whats New :
  • Added Following Nokia HMD Devices Factory Reset In FastBoot Mode - World First...​
    • Nokia HMD C10
      • TA-1342​
    • Nokia HMD C20​
      • TA-1339
      • TA-1348
      • TA-1352
      • TA-1356
    • Nokia HMD C30​
      • TA-1357
      • TA-1377
      • TA-1369
      • TA-1360
      • TA-1359
      • TA-1360
      • TA-1359
Note : Devices With Diag OFF & ON Both Supported​

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Tips : How To Connect (NOKIA HMD) Devices In FastBoot Mode...
  • Combination 1 - Power Off Mode, Hold Vol - Down And Put USB Cable Into Phone...
  • Combination 2 - Power Off Mode, Hold Power Key & Vol - Down Key Together...
  • Combination 3 - Power Off Mode, Hold Together Power Key & Vol - Doen Key And Same Time Put Usb Cable Into phone...v
Guide : How To Do NOKIA HMD Devices Factory Reset With Cheetah Tool

Download :
Cheetah Tool Pro v2022.04.35 Setup
Cheetah Tool Pro v2022.04.35 Setup

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